Saturday, 21 September 2013

I've Got Butterflies

Dress and boots are from Dotti, tights are c/o Chicwish and bag is c/o Chicwish. Glasses are from Dangerfield and headband is from Japan.

I was in the mood for darker hair and makeup today to match this dress and boots. I haven't worn black lipstick in such a long time, and I really need to remind myself to wear it more often - even though the lipstick that I have requires constant reapplication, and if I ever try to eat while wearing it I end up looking like I have a chin beard - which is not the best look haha.

I was thinking about writing about butterflies (the creature) for this blog post, because they undergo metamorphosis which is kind of an amazingly cool process (here's a picture of it, anyway). However, I then discovered this insanely cool image of a "butterfly nebula" taken by the Hubble space telescope and knew I had to write about that instead.
This "planetary nebula" is in fact the remnants of a dying star. When 95% of stars die, when they have burned away all the hydrogen in their cores, become red giants and then shrink to white dwarfs,  they eject a mass of gasses - like what you see above (the other 5% become supernovas - but to become a supernova, they have to start out life at least eight times the size of our own sun). This butterfly nebula actually has two orbiting stars at the centre of the gas cloud, which makes it even cooler.

Planetary nebulae are credited for spreading "heavy elements" - things like carbon, oxygen and nitrogen which are what we ourselves are mostly composed of - throughout the universe. Without these dying stars, life as we know it wouldn't exist.

I hope that you're all having a great weekend so far!

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  1. I really enjoy this whole post. The chin bear comment made me giggle. I love the bag and the dress, very cute. Also that was a great picture of the metamorphosis process. Nature is so cool!

  2. i love learning facts about space
    beautiful dark wonderland <33

    weirdoland -

  3. You look so gorgeous! I love this look on you!


  4. This is great! You remind me of Wednesday Adams (in a completely positive way), but your backpack, which is adorable cute, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland (no idea why these thoughts enter my brain). My favorite picture is the last one: very artsy :)

  5. Love the tights <3 <3 Alex

  6. Never thought I'd say this but I want black lipstick now!

  7. ooooh, I love the lipstick! So delightfully goth-y and wonderful!

  8. I love how you can match busy prints and make it look fantastic (:! I kind of like lots of busy prints as well, but I struggle to combine them well. Also, I really enjoy your style of writing!

  9. Fashion and science. I never get tired of it! Black lipstick looks amazing on you!

  10. I love your butterfly tights & cutout booties. the dark lipstick is really eye-grabbing & looks lovely on you.

    that butterfly nebula is so amazing. x.x I think it is so cool how we are made of star stuff. space is a magical thing!

  11. love your boots so much and yes you should definitely wear black lipstick more! (and perhaps get a more resistant one to avoid the chin beard?)

  12. Your tights are ah-mazing!

    Xo, Hannah

  13. I absolutely love this outfit - that headband is adorable and that backpack is perfect!



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