Friday, 27 September 2013

Giant Snails & Floral Yellows

top is DIY (from a thrifted dress), skirt it thrifted, shoes are from Japan, socks are from Tutuanna and hat is c/o Wholesale.

Photos are by Ana Andrés.

Sometimes, Sydney can be pretty cool. These snails have been popping up all around the city as part of an art project, and while I was taking photos with Ana Andrés the other day we decided they'd be a good prop for one of my outfits!

I made this top from a frumpy floral dress that I got from a second hand store in Japan - I couldn't go past the sunflower fabric. In fact, I made it into both a cropped top and a skirt, and it's much more flattering than it was in its previous form! I'm really getting into making my own clothes again - now I've stopped constantly buying new things, it's really forced me to start tackling my pile of "to do" clothing!

I was hoping that some kind of giant snail like the one above actually existed (or had existed, though all I could find when looking up giant snail fossils was places to buy them...). However, the actual largest living snail in the world is called the Australian trumpet snail (and I'll let you google them yourselves if you want to see pictures of them, because they're pretty freaky and I learnt my lesson after people freaked about me posting about underwater spiders). Here's a picture of a shell which once contained a trumpet snail, so you can imagine how huge they are.
Anyway, these snails can weigh up to 18kg, and be almost one metre long. Apparently they live in Australia - though I've never seen one haha! They exist right up at the top of Australia, in the oceans (they are in fact a sea snail), and also live in some parts of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

These snails are actually about the same size as the pet snails in Spongebob, so now I can't help but imagine that they all look like Gary.
I hope that you're all having a most wonderful day! P.s. have a read of the swimsuit styling article I did for Birdee magazine!

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  1. I love hoe you put the hat on him! So adorable!

    I love the top that you made. I used to recon my clothes back in the day but school and work get in the way now.

  2. I love this! Such a weird coincidence that my friends and I briefly talked about snails at lunch today. Mainly how they're ruining their gardens, but still they're cute.

  3. Woh that snail must be huge! I'm not sure I want to see a real one... haha

    Also I love love this outfit. The top you made looks so adorable with that yellow skirt. I always enjoy how perfectly flatforms look on you too. These ones are particularly cute.

  4. You are too cute. Especially in this post. :D


  5. Oh my goodness, these photos are SO FUN! I love the yellow snail and your matching yellow outfit!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. I love how you made that top yourself from a dress- such a good idea!
    and who would have thought snails could be so big?!

    Francesca xo

  7. ohh how cool is that giant snail! I'd like to visit him. I'd also really love to see a Trumpet snail, I can't believe how big the shell is! I think big bugs are cool, I'd like to have seen giant dragonflies during the Jurassic period!

    1. In one sense, I would have loved to have seen them too - but maybe behind a giant protective suit - could you imagine a giant dragonfly landing on you??
      But maybe because they're so big we'd treat them like normal big animals like dogs and cats. Maybe. Haha

  8. Bravo, it's really fun ahah, and nice outfit !
    But I'm really worried about your hair... It's not about the color, which is beautiful, no problem. But your hair was already delicate, and I really really think you should stop dye them for a moment. Just let them grow up a little more :)
    I think I can understand a dying addiction ahah, but you just began to show it more and more, and they were more and more beautiful and strong. It would be a shame if you made the same errors than before, don't you think ?


    1. Hehehe it's okay. It's very strong and healthy at the moment :) Thank you for your concern though! But I'm hardly dying it regularly. I think it will grow...

    2. (besides, if I don't dye it then I will get bored with it and cut it all off again anyway. This is the only way...haha)

  9. I love this outfit!!! Its so bright and happy!!!

    Just a question gorgeous Annika,
    When are you going to do more "30 days of dressing up" ?
    I absolutely loved the past ones you did!

    1. Ugh, when I have more time in my life! Haha. They were such time-consuming posts, each probably took about 3 days of work in total! I have been working full time in a lab so I've hardly even had time to blog lately. So look out for another one in December :)
      <3 xx

  10. Very pretty !
    I want a snail too . No , wait , I want Gary ! And that skirt , socks , shoes and hat , please ! :o

  11. Hehe these photos are adorable!!! I love the snail, and your yellow outfit is so cheery and lovely.

    xox Sammi

  12. annika, you continue to be absolutely perfect! I love these pictures (you make posing with a giant snail look effortless!) and that skirt is so adorable! <3 <3 <3


    I'm off to Google trumpet snails right now"


  14. the snail is the perfect prop for this outfit haha <3

  15. Such an awesome prop for a photoshoot Annika! I'm so in love with your skirt, the color is adorable :) Also, I hope to never see a snail that big even if it looks like Gary, I would freak out for sure.
    Chamomile Dealer


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