Friday, 20 September 2013

Edible Accessories & Waterspout Science

Top is from Forever 21, skirt is thrifted, socks and necklace are from Dangerfield and shoes are from Italy

How great is this hamburger necklace?? Though I'm a vegetarian and don't eat actual hamburgers, I'm happy to honor them in wooden-necklace form! I've been wearing it with absolutely everything, and I'm sorry if I wear it in the next 50 outfit posts I do (actually, not sorry, because it's awesome). There are a bunch of them going for $2 at Clear-It (Dangerfield's clearance store on King street) if you live in Sydney ;)

It was extremely windy while trying to take these photos - the majority of the photos did not look like the above one, which somehow looks like it was taken with an artfully-placed wind-machine. The rest of the photos feature hair flying everywhere, including my mouth, and I just lucked out with these ones.

Still, I should be thankful I wasn't caught up in a waterspout, as cool as they look.
Waterspouts, often featuring wind speeds of up to 200km/h (124mph), are a mild type of tornado that occurs over water, and are spinning columns of rising moist air - though they can be very dangerous. In fact, some people think they might explain the "mystery" around some disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.
Image by Joey Mole
Waterspouts usually form where there are patches of warm water, and a strong current of warm air rises from the surface of the water. Other air then rushes in to replace the rising air, which makes the air spin around and upwards - and as this cycle continues, a waterspout is made. Most of the water in the spout isn't being "sucked up" from the surface, though - moisture is actually sucked out of the surrounding air. (I was imagining fish flying around in the waterspout. Doesn't happen.)

Apparently waterspouts are pretty common in Florida, which Google Analytics tells me is one of the states who most reads my blog out of anywhere in the world (California is still winning, though). So can I ask my readers from Florida - has anyone ever seen a waterspout?? Please let me know!

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  1. nice necklace! :))


  2. When I lived in Florida, I saw 2. I lived on the Space coast, and lived there 10 years and I only remember seeing 2. Though, they are common.

  3. That waterspout looks really cool in a picture but it must be so scary to see one in real life! I think I would run away if I saw one :)

  4. Your hair is getting long!! Looking good. :)


  5. Pretty! Love the new hair SO MUCH!!!

  6. Wow that skirt is so awesome! Too bad it's thrifted (for me! :P) Lovely outfit.
    That last pic of you is particularly gorgeous by the way! xo

  7. Your necklace is adorable, and I love the color of your skirt!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. Love the outfit (and the necklace, though, I too am a vegetarian). I have been to Florida probably 30 times but I've never seen or heard of a waterspout. My grandmother has a timeshare there, I will have to ask her if she's ever seen one.

  9. I love that skirt! I have one similar that I got from cotton on for 5 bucks! :D


    1. I have also seen waterspouts in Staten Island N.Y when I was living on the east coast. They''re so strange but beautiful.

  10. Woh that waterspout is crazy looking! What a weird phenomenon.

    Also your burger necklace is so adorable. Such a cute piece of jewelry. I love the color of your skirt with the floral top too. Such a cute outfit!

  11. Awesome outfit! And you are really pretty on that close up :)

  12. omfg waterspouts look terrifying! There's something about tornadoes that just sends chills up my spine (maybe its because they can totally kill me and not even blink).
    Aaaaaaand you look cute wit yo burger necklace!


  13. I was just thinking that your titles always make me so curious that I just HAVE to read your blog post (even when I'm running late)! Great outfit, too (:!

  14. love the last photo so much and it really looks artistic! haha
    wanna see a waterspout in real life but when the time comes, I think that im gonna scream!

  15. if you want to see some great waterspout shots...take a look at 2 weeks ago waterspouts formed over Lake Michigan that created quite a "stir"!


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