Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to School & Barreleye Fish

Annika is wearing dress c/o Lashes of London, sweater from Japan, socks from Cotton On, Thrifted basket and shoes c/o Yeswalker. Ashley is wearing top c/o Romwe, sweater from Emoda, skirt from Valley Girl, shoes c/o Sammydress.

The number of times that I've walked through this glorious courtyard at Sydney University and wanted to take pictures... I was beyond delighted to finally do a photoshoot there with Ashley the other week! The only thing that would have made it better would be if we had been allowed to walk on the grass...but Sydney University has their gorgeous grass roped off 364 days of the year so that it remains immaculate. Silly prestigious university.

Today, I discovered that this fish exists, so I really wanted to share it with you all. This is a barreleye fish.
What looks like it's eyes (it's sad, sad eyes) are actually its nostrils. Its eyes exist within its transparent head, which protects its eyes and also helps them to collect more light. That green bit that looks like a plant inside its transparent head are in fact the fish's eyes.
Of course, this critter lives very deep within the ocean. Deep sea creatures are fantastically bizarre, and this guy is no exception to that rule.
Image via National Geographic

That's your weird animal fact for the day! And I hope you're all having a good day too :)

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  1. I think deep sea fish are so cool. I've never heard of a barreleye fish, it's really interesting!

  2. I love your cute little skirt, and that jumper looks very cozy x

  3. So cute pics!


  4. i find that socks & mary janes combo just so cute. i'll be bookmarking that one for the fall. despite having graduated college a couple years ago now, i still always feel the need to wear collegiate looking duds when the academic year rolls around -- tweed, pencil skirts & stockings, patent flats. ya know. : )

    anyway, would you mind to follow each other?


  6. I love the print on that dress you are wearing! Ugh I want it! <3

    That is soo weird about the barreleye fish. I wonder what other crazy creature exist in the deep.



  7. Thank you for sharing. Yes, the eyes of the fish looked sad.It's funny to see that.

  8. Ugh that sucks that the grass is roped off? I will now appreciate the green spaces and being able to study on South Lawn at Melbourne Uni much more now.

    This photo shoot is lovely! I totally love back to school fashion! And that fish is awesome?!?!

  9. Hi, Annika! I just wrote a new post on Ethical Fashion (an updated version of the previous one). I thought you might like to check it out. Here's the link, in case you do: http://alivegurl.blogspot.de/2013/09/ethical-fashion-what-why-how.html

  10. Annika, the print on your dress is absolutely adorable! I'm in love with it for sure. Also that fish is so cool. I never knew it existed thanks for letting us know <3


  11. Your Lashes of London dress is so cute <3

    Sweet Monday

  12. I never get the roping off the grass thing. Cambridge uni in the uk is exactly the same. You may not step on the grass. What's even weirder is that you can once you graduate. Specifically graduates from Cambridge may walk on the grass but no others. How ridiculous.
    Anyway, I love the picnic hamper basket. And that fish is bizarre. There are so many things on our planet more strange than are dreampt of in sci fi novels.

  13. You girls look really cute, I love Annika's hair and shoes, and Ashley's skirt :)


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  15. Yup. I'm gonna have nightmares about that fish tonight. I'm sure of it.

  16. You look so adorable! That sweater is just absolutely amazing! I never understood why colleges roped off their grass - I think that the ropes make it look worse then if you just let it alone!


  17. I'm so much loving your dress and your sweater, Annika! such great prints :) oh and that fish is the coolest thing ever!!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  18. WOAHHH! I've always loved your trivias!! I didn't know such thing exist! Your outfit suits Sydney U! We should do this again! :(


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