Monday, 23 September 2013

Among the Flowers / Tamarin Whispering

Dress is c/o Romwe (no longer available), hat is c/o Wholesale, shoes are from Japan and socks are from Tutuanna

Photos are by Ana Andrés.

It was a nice change of affairs to not have to be both the model and photographer for once, while having these photos taken! I recently met a lovely physicist and photographer, Ana (who is actually my best friend's housemate), and yesterday we got together to take photos around "iconic" Sydney spots - yes, I even got some in front of the Harbour Bridge (more later). These photos were taken in Hyde Park in the middle of Sydney, while I tried not to crush all these beautiful flowers with these giant shoes. And did you notice? My hair has changed colour... again. I can't help myself.

Today I found what is probably the cutest scientific paper that's been released this year. Tamarins are little fluff-ball primates that are highly cooperative with one another. Zookeepers had assumed that everytime someone walked into their enclosure at Central Park zoo, these tamarins would just fall silent. But it turns out that they were actually whispering their alarm calls to each other, rather than shouting them. This is the first evidence of non-human primates whispering to occur (birds have been known to be able to whisper for a while). Cute, right??
image from Wikipedia
Their whispering was detected by a spectrogram, which is a device that can maximize quiet sounds and then represent that sound visually (like this). These whispering spectrograms were compared to the shouting calls the tamarins make when not in the presence of humans, and it was found that they were still communicating with each other - just very quietly, so the zookeepers couldn't hear them (maybe they were plotting against the zookeeper?)

I hope you're all having a brilliant day,

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  1. That tamarin is so cute, and apparently able to keep a secret. Who knew? :) You look so beautiful in that lovely dress. Like those little socks too. And what gorgeous hair. Great post!

  2. Pretty dress. Your new hair color is dope. Loves it. The location for this photoshoot is so lovely.

  3. You look amazing and I'm loving your new hair color. And thanks for sharing the info about Tamarins, they seem awesome <3

    Chamomile Dealer

  4. Annika, these photos are absolutely breathtaking!! You look stunning, that dress suits you so well! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  5. pretty dress and nice view really compliment each other! :)

  6. These photos are gorgeous Annika!! <3

  7. Love the new hair colour, and those socks are super cute! Heehee, Tamarins. I think they ere plotting most definitely.

  8. you are such cuteness! and oh maaannn tamarins are SO cute! I freak out every time I see them at the zoo! so tiny!

  9. It's so cool that the Tamarin whisper to each other!!! how adorable. :)

    I love love your shoes & hair!

  10. I love your new hair color!


  11. This scenery is so beautiful- I love the yellow flowers against your dress!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. so flower! i love it! ;)
    Irene Wibowo


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