Friday, 16 August 2013

Mermaid School

Hey guys! This shoot is one that myself and Ashley Dy are pretty dang proud of, so I really hope you all like it too! This super lovely lady from Candy Kawaii Lover has been in Sydney for the past week, and we have been hanging out for the last couple of days - I've been showing her around my Sydney shopping spots (Newtown and Chinatown), and today we dedicated entirely to photo shoots - as a consequence, we have seven entire photo shoots to share with you guys. This is the first!

The unintentional theme of this particular set of photos is "Mermaid School". If you recognise the buildings, yes, it's Sydney University. I wanted to take photos here because this building reminds me of Hogwarts. And you can't go wrong doing a photo shoot at Hogwarts.

Annika's dress - c/o Chicwish
Annika's headband - c/o Milanoo
Annika's bag - Store in Italy
Annika's shoes - c/o Yeswalker
Ashley's top - Store in Sydney
Ashley's skirt - c/o Chicwish
Ashley's shoes - c/o Sammydress

Ashley is leaving in two days, and we're both really sad because in a perfect world, we'd get together every weekend and take photos and go window-shopping. I'm so happy to have met this amazing person through blogging, though! If you haven't seen Ashley's photos or read her blog before, you can find her here. Much more very soon ;)

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  1. you girls look stunning! :*

  2. Soo cute! I love your hair, too. I'm always happy to find a new blog--thanks for sharing! xx

    Allie //

  3. Megacool <3
    It really does remind me of Hogwarts.

  4. So cute

  5. Beautiful! And yes, you can never go wrong with Hogwarts.

  6. oh my this is such a cute shoot and i love everything! great pictures!

    Sarah xo

  7. These photos are so cute! I love the third one with your backs to the camera. Also, those are the best cat shoes I've ever seen! Love them.

    xo, Michelle // Neon Rattail

  8. Love the pics!!! Very pretty!

  9. this is just cuteness overload. I want pink hair so bad.

  10. lovely blog!
    what about following each other?


  11. the dresses are so adorable and this is a nice shoot! <3
    Can't wait for the rest

  12. Love this photoshoot. The last picture is absolutely beautiful. You guys look so cute!

  13. This is really cute, you guys are a perfect outfit pair. I love that you chose to take pictures at a building because it looks like Hogwarts. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so that totally makes sense to me.

  14. The shoot looks amazing. You both have such beautiful dresses. I think it's lovely that you've got to meet someone through fashion blogging and get to have so much fun together.

  15. These photos are so gorgeous!!! You both look absolutely dreamy :)

    xox Sammi

  16. You gals are both so adorable!


  17. Soooo Adorable!!!! :)


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