Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Little Spotty Teapot

I wanted to try and do another "miniature" style photoshoot (see my first attempt here). This is actually my fourth attempt though, not my second... but the other two were so embarrassingly bad, that they will never be uploaded here or seen by anyone else, haha. 

sweater - Thrifted
cardigan - Thrifted
overall dress - c/o Sheinside
necklace - c/o Merrin & Gussy
socks - c/o Romwe
shoes - c/o Sammy Dress
hat - c/o Wholesale

I wanted to set up the scene with a monochrome object. I found this super cute teapot lying around the house, owned by my housemate Kalynda, and thought that it'd go well with my mostly-monochromatic outfit, as well as contrasting my stripey socks. I then spent hours on photoshop trying to get the angles and shadows right - but I think it mostly worked out, in the end. What do you think?

In science news, the first synthetic meat was taste-tested! (I'm pretty damn excited about this. Meat with no animal cruelty = awesome). P.s. sorry for the super short science bit today. I just started working in a lab today and I'm super dooper busy - more on that later ;)

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  1. This is so cute <3 I love the hat:)

  2. Nice! Haha this looks so much better than mine ... you got the shadows perfect!

  3. I love this idea. You did a great job! The shadows look good.

  4. The dedication truly paid off! These pictures are so amazing.

    Hm, I'm a vegetarian, but I'd be tempted to try synthetic meat.

  5. Love this, so cute, the pictures are very lovely.

  6. How on earth do you do that?!
    That is so cool (:

  7. This is so perfect!

    Gen |

  8. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Love!

  9. Perfect shoot, You look awesome and this picture reminds me Thumbelina.

  10. I am loving your miniature photos, totally adorable.

  11. I love these so much!


  12. You are the cutest Annika! <33

  13. This is adorable! And I'm really excited you were able to make the shadows perfect - that's a huge thing in photoshop that many people forget about, hahaha. And you look so darling!!

    Synthetic meat is really exciting! I recently made the switch from vegetarian to meat eating, for health reasons, and being able to eat meat without hurting the animal would be so amazing!

    xo Kristina Rose

    1. Hehehe, that wouldn't be a great thing to forget - they looked soooo bad before I put the shadows in!! I likewise recently really wanted to become vegan, but also can't for health reasons :( so although I've been trying to eat as little meat, milk and cheese as possible, it'd be so great if synthetic meat (and synthetic animal products!) could be a reality in as little as 10 years time!

  14. This is so adorable! I want to own mini you and keep you on my desk for company

    Francesca xo

  15. You are the cutest little thing (especially in these photos, hehe)!

    xox Sammi

  16. Amazing! Love the photos and your outfit.

  17. These pictures look fantastic! Next to a teapot is the cutest and most wonderland-ish scene I can think of for the miniatures.

    I'm super excited about the synthtic meat too. I'm a vegetarian, and I have been for years. I probably wouldn't eat synthetic meat, but it would be great if all the omnivores around me could eat meat without the animal cruelty.

  18. amei as miniaturas, já quero! haha

    beijos, G.

  19. Yay for vat meat and mini-Annika!

    Also, the recent XKCD comic made me think of you, hahahaha.

  20. This post is one of my absolute favorites of yours! Love how you played with sizing- the teacup looks humongous compared to you! Ahh so cute!

    Xo, Hannah

  21. Loved the way you have photoshoped ... The tea pot is so cute, lucky flatmate of your who ownes it..
    U look very pretty..
    Keep in touch,

  22. synthetic meat? Say whaaaaaaaaaat???

  23. you are simply the cutest...ever...

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