Sunday, 28 July 2013


These photos were taken in Istria, in Croatia, on my last day there. I am now back in Venice for two days before heading home again :'( Though I'm sad about going back, I'm fantasising about winter weather and layering, and with being reunited with my wardrobe! I am getting pretty sick of the very small amount of clothes that I brought with me - if I were to pack again, I probably would have just brought two suitcases with me and a tonne more dresses, rather than a trying to do a "capsule wardrobe".

These photos are from the tiny town we stayed in. While wandering, we found an old crumbling building, right near the farm that we trespassed to take backlit photos on. It was like an old castle, and too pretty not to explore. Only later did we realise that it wasn't as abandoned as we thought - people were actually living inside, the front of the building having been restored. I hope that they leave the back of the building as it is, though - it's pretty gorgeous in its dilapidated state.

top - Sportsgirl
dungarees - "Internet Shop" in Haymarket, Sydney
shoes - Yeswalker
socks - Tutuanna

I'll leave you all with that. See you when I'm back in Sydney! Ashley Dy is coming to visit me and I'm very excited - hopefully we'll have some sweet collaborative posts for you guys :D

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  1. I always look forward to seeing the photos that you post. Your outfits are so adorable! I'm in love with that top photo-so beautiful!

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  3. the place is beautiful , so is your outfit :)

  4. Ow pretty pics! Croatia is on top of my must visit list. And Venice is amazing!
    Cute outfit too!


  5. Great outfit, and I love these photos! Soooo nice

  6. So cute! I love the backlighting, it really is gorgeous.

    Safe travels!

  7. You look absolutely adorable! I love this shirt and shoes together so perfect! Glad that you had such a good time on your holiday!


  8. ah, these photos are wonderful! i love the socks that you have on here!

    lindsey louise

  9. i love the dreamy feel to this photos! admittedly, croatia hasn't really been one of my top holiday destinations but after these pictures, i think my mind had completely changed!


  10. I love the scenery and of course, your outfit as always! Gorgeous (:

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  11. I love exploring beautifully run-down buildings like these, they're always so amazing. These shots are beautiful, I love the sunlight!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. This looks lovely, I loved Croatia when I was there, though I didn't come across any decrepit old buildings. Are you staying in Venice? I'm just a short train ride away, enjoying the calm of the countryside. Although I do plan to go into Venice tomorrow to do a little sightseeing, I feel as though I should if I'm so near.

    1. Oh no! I came back home 2 days ago. I would have loved to have met up with you! I stayed right in Venice for the last 2 days of the trip - for the first half of the trip we stayed about 1hr outside Venice, though. It's so hot and stinky and full of tourists but soooo beautiful nonetheless!

    2. Ah well, perhaps our paths will meet some other time (I'm sure they will, we do both seem to travel an awful lot!). Venice was very hot, no hotter than the countryside but the crowds made it all worse. We stayed near Asolo which is also just an hour away. I hope you had a good time!


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