Sunday, 16 June 2013

Thrifted Outift & Hybrids

This is a super comfortable outfit, which I have been wearing various iterations of (minus the wig) for basically the entire past week. I am so excited to finally be finished with exams in 4 days now, and getting back into some blogging! I really, really dislike exam time (who would like exams though, right?) because it involves a whole lot of not sleeping and stress-eating, and of course, not having any time to blog!

sweater - Thrifted
dress -Thrifted
belt - Thrifted
hat - c/o Wholesale
Necklace - Claire's (Japan)
Here's another cool thing from my exam-cramming (and more proof that studying science can be really interesting, whining about exams aside).

Zebroids are the types of animals you get when a horse breeds with a zebra (yep, that can happen!) However, because of what is known as "epigenetics", depending on if the mum or the dad was the horse or the zebra, the resulting offspring can vary greatly.

I've talked about hybrid animals before (here), but never understood why the resulting offspring was different, depending on who the parent was.

For example, a cross between a female lion and a male tiger results in a tigon. But a cross between a male lion and a female tiger results in a liger.

Tigons and ligers, although both having one tiger parent and one lion parent, vary greatly in their characteristics. Ligers are really really big, whereas tigons are just the same size as their parents.

Below is a baby liger. Let me emphasise that. A baby liger.

Why does which one was the mother, and which one was the father, cause such massive differences in the offspring?

Epigenetic imprinting is the cause of this. Certain genes can be switched on or off by a process called "methylation". Maternal (mum) genes and paternal (dad) genes are methylated in different places from each other.
So you get one set of genes from your mother, and one from your father. When they combine, there is almost like a competition for whose genes will be silenced, and whose genes will be expressed. Because of imprinting, depending on who the parent is, the genes that are ultimately expressed vary - leading to both ligers and tigons - even though the DNA sequence does not change (ligers and tigons are extremely genetically related, even though they look very different from one another).

Now I've got to get back to studying ;) You may not hear from me for a few days - I've got an exam tomorrow worth a ridiculous 75% of the course, and then another on Thursday! Anyway, wish me luck!

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  1. I love this look ^^ so sweet :)
    If I may ask, how do you wear a dress and a sweater and make it look like its a skirt? :D

    Zebroids and ligers... i didn't even know there were such animals haha :P

  2. So beautiful skirt!
    nice pics!

  3. Such a cute outfit! And that liger is terrifying D:

  4. You look really adorable! It looks good on you :). And the information about the hybrid animals,I didn't know that yet. Awesome!

  5. I actually used to love exams at work. I know, I'm crazy!


  6. you look lovely and that skirt is so pretty!
    hybrid animals are so interesting but i still can't make up my mind on whether it's cool or slightly immoral. nevertheless, the study of how different factors affect the offspring - e.g with the tigon and liger - is still very fascinating. great post!


  7. Matching your haircolor to your skirt - nice :)

  8. I love the colors of this outfit - you look so pretty : )

  9. Wow, this is so interesting! I love Tigers, so cute! x

  10. Such a sweet outfit, it suits the wig perfectly :)
    Its so interesting about Zebroids and ligers!
    Good luck with the rest of your exams x

  11. I love this outfit. Great neutrals in contrast to your lovely pink hair! And omg I want to pet a liger!!! This hybrid info is so interesting!!

    xox Sammi

  12. I adore that skirt! What do you think of the ethical component of animal hybridization? It doesn't seem to be a frequently naturally occurring thing.


    1. Actually, a lot of ligers and tigons do arise "naturally" when the animals are put together in captivity. They are usually separate in the wild but do sometimes get it on if put in similar enclosures. I don't agree at all with hybridising animals if it's purely for an aesethetic purpose though (or any kind of animal study where it's not justified by advancing studies of illness, both animal and human) because while the offspring can be healthy and fine they also have a higher likelihood of not being healthy and more easily getting tumours, etc.
      However parental imprinting like this can help us understand a lot about epigenetics and why diseases such as prader will syndrome and angelmans syndrome arise, for instance, so their creation can be justified in that sense, I believe.

  13. OMG I love this outfit, especially the boater hat (I need one!!!)!!!

  14. I fell in love with that skirt <3

  15. This is too funny...I spent maybe an hour the other day reading about ligers and other hybrids. I've never heard of zebroids before! Why do they always give hybrids such funny names? They don't call a mule a "donkorse" or something silly.

    I love this outfit. I think this is my favorite wig of yours. It looks like cotton candy! So pretty. I love that necklace too - I can't believe it's from Claire's!

    - Hannah
    she could be a pharmer in those clothes

  16. <3 love the pink wig but i also liked when u had your hair pink, it looked soooooooooooo good!!!! i wanna dye my hair pink again but now thats its getting longer and i dont wanna damage it :( (even though i have it green now hahaahah)

    have a nice day xx :D

  17. Ooh, good luck with all your exams! And don't you seriously love it when you find the perfect outfit you can make multiple versions of haha? I love all the perfect neutral colors together and your pink wig is the perfect sweet touch! Can't forget that lovely vintagey necklace!

    By the way, your scientific posts always keep me fascinated! That's so cool that hybrids can be completely different just based on what species the mom and dad are. I learn something new every time I read!

    You've inspired me to create my own science-themed post--it's not nearly as scientific as yours, but I thought you would enjoy it! I'd love it if you'd check it out (:

  18. I love how you style wigs along with your outfits. The way you mention scientific or psychological things along with your outfits is absolutely perfect. Your hat and wigs are always my favorite part of your outfits. :-)

  19. You are absolutely gorgeous and I am loving the look especially with that cotton candy wig! Stunning! Would you like to follow eachother via Bloglovin fellow Aussie? I'll wait for your answer on my blog!
    The Blonde Silhouette

  20. Love these pretty neutral colors! This sweater looks so comfy!

    Xo, Hannah

  21. its that your real hair? Love it! do you have any advice for someone who is starting a blog?
    good luck in your exam!

    1. Yep. Totally my real hair. I grew it super long overnight from my last few posts ;)

      Join lookbook, chictopia, and have patience.


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