Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Little Red Riding Hood in her Stripey Dress

I am still loving this cape I made the other day. If I get the time after my exams before I head off overseas, I will try and make a tutorial for it! Yep, that's something I have totally forgotten to mention - I'm travelling to Italy for a month in my uni break! I am probably the luckiest lady in the world, getting to travel overseas twice in one year. I am going to Italy because Luciano (who is Italian - could you have guessed from his name?) is going with his family, to meet with their 80+ relatives for the first time ever... and they are taking me along with them!

dress - c/o Cichic (and similar)
cape - DIY
tights - c/o OASAP
necklace - c/o Merrin & Gussy

I am currently into day 3 of the hardcore-studying-regime that I've implemented on myself, so that I will (hopefully) do well in my uni exams next week! So this video (via ASAPscience) seemed quite apt - the Science of Procrastination.
And in case you guys were wondering, this blogging that I'm doing now isn't my procrastination - it's my reward. I've been studying for 3 hours straight and doing a little bit of dopamine-releasing blogging is the reward for me finally wrapping my head around eukaryotic transcription regulation (woo hoo!)

Hope you're all having a more interesting day than me,

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  1. I really love that cape! As well as your wig is it new? It's so pretty. Good luck on your exams! c:
    - xx mary

    1. Kinda - I got it in Japan, from body line but haven't worn it much because I think it doesn't look very real!

  2. wow first japan, now italy! what a lucky duck you are! and i too am in love with your cape, i'm making one for school but it's much more costume-y than this lovely item

  3. Adorable outfit!
    I'm sort of new to your blog but I just love seeing your style, it's so sweet, especially when you implement something DIY done by you :) I'm a fan of DIYs, so I might even try something from your tutorials!

    xx Katerina

  4. You made that! Wow, can I have one? Teehee, on that note, do have any plans to re-open the little pineneedle or have you just moved to another site? And yes, I am procrastinating this very minute. You caught me! It's the damn calculus! My brain is going fuzzy! Or I could call this a reward. Eukaryotic transcription regulation, sounds interesting.... and quite the mouthful :D Meg xx

    1. Not at the moment! And probably not ever again... university is really time-draining!
      Hahaha. Oh boy, calculus. How I don't miss hsc maths. Though pay attention because if you want to go into chemistry or the like it'll come in reaaaally helpful. I really wish that I were a bit better at maths myself!!

    2. And medicine. There's much more maths than you would think.

  5. love the dress and your wig is absolutely amazing!



  6. very cute look!!! Love it


  7. I love that cape. You're basically a genius!
    My boyfriend is (as we speak) boarding a plane to Italy for a month to see his family, too! They're military, though, not native Italians. I wish I could have gone with him! That's kindof a creepy parallel, isn't it? In addition to us having the same anniversary with our boyfriends!


    1. Sometimes I think that you are my twin in a parallel universe

  8. What an awesome DIY! You look like little red riding hood gone mod, which is always a good thing. And HOLY SHIT, I am so jealous of yr Italy trip. I spent a few weeks there last summer and I swear that place will never cease to be amazing. Eat lots of tomatoes and all the gelato, they're the best!
    Betti xx

    1. Taken note, thank you :) I am going to eat soooooooooo much while I am there! I can't wait!

  9. omg your wig is so adorable!


  10. Obsessed with this outfit, and would loooove to see the DIY tutorial for the cape. This is probably my favorite wig of yours - the color is STUNNING on you. And also, that's so exciting that you're traveling to Italy!! Can't wait to see photos from your month(!) abroad!

    xox Sammi

  11. This is awesome, love the dress with the red, so gorgeous. I adore your hair too, as always x

  12. the little red hood is so cutieeeeeeeeee T^T


  13. I love your red cape! It looks great over the black and white dress. xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  14. You look so darling here! That cape looks lovely over the dress.



  15. The color red looks amazing on you! Amazing that you made the cape yourself! It looks lovely!

  16. Love your cape coat...you are such a wonderful seamstress...... I learned to sew when I was 13...... and a few months back, I took your romper that you sewed and modeled and made one for myself...and I made mine just as short in the rear as you did yours...hehe

    although I swear that you look so darling in yours....I can't hold a candle to you.

    Love the dress and tights, and of course as always those beautiful eyes and those adorable dimples.

    Jayme, your ballet and fashion loving guy fan from the USA


  17. That dress is gorgeous! I'm such a fan of stripes!

    I bet it will be amazing in Italy, if a little scary at first haha!


  18. I haven't been blogging for a while and trying to get back in and catch up on your outfits and I am utterly in love with this one! The little cape and the apple core necklace are perfect. Please make a tutorial! I want to do something creative and I would wear this so much.

  19. Your red cape is so incredibly cute! The apple necklace looks perfect with it and I really like the pattern on your dress too. You can't go wrong with a black, white, and red outfit.


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