Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lilac Stripes and Recording Your Dreams

Would it ruin these last few posts if I told you the main reason I took the photos all knees-up is because I fell down some stairs, hurt my ankle, and couldn't wear anything but giant comfy socks? Haha. Just *imagine* that I'm wearing some super cool lace-up creepers here, not fluffy pink bed socks. 

I'm particularly in love with anything zebra-like lately, so these shorts from Sheinside are a welcome new addition to my wardrobe. They look great paired with a cropped shirt or cropped sweater of any kind. I can't wait to wear them together with some highly impractical shoes ;)

blouse - c/o Romwe
shorts - c/o Sheinside
tights - c/o OASAP

Enjoy this amazing video from ASAP science! Even though I'd already been introduced to most of the concepts in it, it still blew my mind!

I hope you're all very very well!

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  1. Hope your ankle is getting better!

    And WOW! I love dreaming and I love having nightmares, since I was a child I wanted a machine that could record my dreams xDD

    xoxo from Girls that glitter love the dark

    1. You love nightmares?? I don't think I'd ever want to see my nightmares again... I'm always so shocked at the terrifying things my brain can make up!

  2. I wish I had your wardrobe!! I love your outfit posts , you have an amazing style!!

  3. your hair is just too pretty :)

  4. I love this outfit. I hope your ankle is okay!!


  5. You are so sweet ! I love this outfit ! :3

  6. such a cute outfit! love the shirt, you really suit lilac :D
    hope your ankle feels better :) xx

  7. So so pretty. Lilac is so lovely on you, and I love it with the striped shorts. And oh no!!! Ice that ankle, girl!! :( I hope it feels better (and that you can get back to wearing fabulous shoes) soon!!

    xox Sammi

  8. Terrific video. I'm subscribing to those great sites. Thanks.

  9. Hello! I just happened to feel a calling to check my blog and was so touched to see your comment. I miss the blogging world so much right now, but am afraid that year 12 has quiet swallowed me whole. I have a few posts lying dormant waiting to be posted and I think your comment has inspired me to maybe to sort them out. I have actually had ample opportunity to post, with lots of 18th's so lots of dressing up, but just haven't had the time to get organised to post things, edit photos, etc. Anyway, I am loving year 12 despite the mammoth work load and have so very much missed reading your blog too. You are a lilac dream here! Thanks for thinking of me! (By the way I have a kitten-print dress which I am dying to post about!) Meg xx

  10. love that top, especially with your hair! <3

  11. I think the fluffy socks would be better!


  12. the video is quite interesting!

  13. I certainly hope you feel better (ankle) ASAP. I can never stop smiling when I see your lovely smile.
    I love the shorts....... I want them myself...and you look sooooo lovely in lilac and other pastels.
    My favorite colors have always been pastels.... yellow, light pink, peach, light green, lilac, lavendar, robin's egg blue....... you can imagine what my tights drawer looks like.......

    Once again, no one looks as pretty in white tights as you my dear.....

    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving guy fan from the USA

  14. Wow! That video was really interesting. I also wanted to have a dream recorder for a long time because most of the time I forget my dreams as soon as I wake up.


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