Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cherry Bomb & Chemistry

I adore this cherry-coloured dress sent to me by Koogal. After Kailey from Mermaiden's post in a similar dress, I couldn't imagine dressing up as anything other than a mermaid, especially with the fish-scale fabric and sneaky cutouts featured in this dress! I went for mermaid hair and, completing the mermaid ensemble, this "I'm Really A Mermaid" necklace.

This new Milanoo wig is awesome. I think it is definitely going to become my new favourite. A sign of a good wig is when people you haven't seen in years come up to you and say "Wow. I love your hair - it's so different now!" I had a few warnings about Milanoo's lolita dresses after posting about a bag from the site, so I chose to review a wig instead (can't say no to free stuff, right?). Anyway, from what I can tell from this admittedly small sample size, their wigs are great - they remind me of Japan's "Bodyline" wigs because the quality is just as good. I also got this lolita-style headband to go with the wig, and I think it was a really good choice - it's not over-the-top but it gives the outfit hints of lolita elements (I wish I were brave/dedicated enough to dress in a full lolita get-up. One day!)

dress - c/o Koogal
wig - c/o Milanoo
headband - c/o Milanoo
tights - Claire's (Japan)
necklace - c/o I Love Crafty

Something reaaaaally exciting happened in science the other day! You know how chemists draw images like this:
Which are meant to represent the chemical bonds between carbon and other atoms? (If you didn't know that, well, now you do.)

Well, those structures were only ever conceptual representations of the chemical bonding  occurring in a reaction - up until now, scientists could only infer the structure of these molecules through spectroscopic analysis, which looks like this:
But the other day, scientists at the University of California, using an "atomic force microscope", have managed to take pictures like this:
What was so exciting about this? The images taken actually look like those stick-structures! Basically, what you would have learnt in highschool science - that atoms and small molecules are too small to ever see - is now wrong. And I love that the stick-structures actually look like that, even though the stick-structure drawings were, at first, just a theoretical representations of molecules. Yay science!

Read more here.

p.s. if you are looking for lolita dresses, I suggest trying Bodyline :)

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  1. I love love love this dress! & your tights! Ah!

    & I truly think that is a cool thing to learn about in science. It's cool to watch things change and science getting better technology!

    The Style Hippie

  2. the dress is lovely and that necklace is the coolest, haha! i'm amazed at those pictures! and yes i totally agree that the fact hat they look like our theoretical representation makes it that more awesome


  3. Ohh, that's brilliant. (the science, I mean. I like the wig, though!)

    If you don't mind my asking, what science classes have you taken at Uni already (whether related to your major or not), and which have been your favourites? I'm registering for the upcoming semester soon and I don't know anyone who likes science, haha.

    1. Anyone else, I mean. I rather enjoy it, myself. :p

    2. I am sooo happy to help, I wish I had more people to talk to myself when I was starting! But absolutely no one else in the family had even gone to uni before, let alone done science, so I was also totally on my own!

      I have done introductory psychology (and quite liked it), introductory chemistry (found it fascinating and it's definitely worth getting a basic chemistry knowledge), human biology (also loved it), molecular biology (junior and intermediate - I loved it so much I've now decided I want to do molecular biology as a major) and a neuroscience/behaviour and perception course (didn't love it so much but I don't think it was structured well at my university to be honest).

      What type of science do you want to do, or are you just interested in science in general??

    3. My dad is actually into Computer Science/Physics, but he's sorta derisive of all other disciplines, so...x.x. That doesn't work so well. And then, because I've been so involved in the arts (writing, painting, fashion, blahblah), everyone there is always telling me how soulless science is. Sometimes I want to take out ads in fashion magazines that encourage scientifically minded people, haha.

      I really really enjoy psychology, and pretty much anything related to drugs/how they affect the body (pharmacology? would botony be a part of that? I haven't taken a class on it, I just research medicine and enzymes and metabolism for the fun of it). Obviously, Psychiatry seems the path to take but since I don't know much about other fields, I don't wanna limit myself to that. Oh, I've taken an honours Anatomy class, and really loved that. I actually didn't like Physiology so much, but I was supposed to have taken three pre-requisites that I couldn't get into; I think that made the course super difficult.

      And thanks so much! :3

    4. I think it's so cool that you want to start doing science as a postgraduate :) Ahhh, soulless??!?! Well, I'm glad you seem to have the right idea about that ;) I get that! Why do you think I've started writing about science on my blog??! Haha.

      WELL. Hmmmm. I would suggest doing psychology along with biochemistry/molecular biology and maaaaybe some protein biochemistry (or pharmacology). Because psychology gives you the whole behavioural side, but doesn't really go to much into detail about HOW drugs/hormones etc affect the body (there is much talk of neurotransmitters and "phosphorylation" and all of that, but they don't actually go in to depth about it and explain what those concepts really mean, which I found really frustrating. Which is why I suggest doing it in conjunction with some biochemistry because then you'll really understand what is going on inside those brain cells at a molecular level).

      Also, it's really good to go down the path of biochemistry and molecular biology rather than psychology if you don't want to limit yourself. Because (as I've just learnt), if you specialise in psychiatry or neuroscience, then decide you want to do other things, it is much harder, whereas you can do molecular/biochem and then go and specialise in basically aaaany part of the body. Or you could even end up working with bacteria or plants or animals or anything. So it gives you a wider range of options doing subjects like that.

      I've got no idea about botany though - I wouldn't have thought that sounds very related but it might be different where you are!


    5. Your blog is one of my absolute favourites because you have science-y stuff. It'd be super cool if you had a physical 'zine. :3. one with glitter!

      I think I'll definitely take BioPsychology, Chemistry, and Molecular Biology. I'm in junior/community college right now, so my choices are somewhat more limited than if I were at a proper Uni. This is my ultimate regret when it comes to living in the US. Nobody can afford a 'real' Uni right now without 20-40000/year in loans. I plan to ultimately move back to England with an AA, and then re-establish residency for a not-terrifyingly priced education.

      But thanks so much for the advice about taking molecular/biochem. I'm always a little paranoid that I'll end up killing myself financially for a degree that wouldn't pay off. My backup is now just plain Psychology, to go into Clinical or Organisational Psych, because that pays off for less of an investment over here. D:

    6. Oh, and I totally forgot--break a leg in finals! (not literally).

    7. Ohh :( That's so crazy that you have to think about paying for uni as you're doing it! University is still super expensive here but you don't have to start paying ANY of it back until you're in a full-time job, which is nice. That's really horrible :( What is the difference between a uni and a college in America? Just more limited choices?

      I'm happy that I could help, anyway!! :D
      ps Have you seen my not-so-physical zines? hehe!/glossies

  4. So my chemistry teachers aren't as all 'lies and deceit' as they thought they were!!! I'm getting used to teachers telling me I was learning lies, and I'm ok with it, but this is REALLY cool. I love skeletal structures 'cos they don't take as long to draw xD
    I'm shooting for dentistry at uni but my 5th back-up choice is gonna be chemistry I think o.o
    You rock!
    Cass x

    1. 5th choice?? Nice! It's a good thing (but also a little bit of a bad thing because you feel like you're missing out!) to want to do so many different things at uni - I know how you feel! I would have 100 different careers in every possible thing if I could!

  5. As soon as I saw the colour of this wig I just about died! IT IS AMAZING HOLY COW! And it looks so cute with the headband as well ^_^ xx

  6. Eeeek this dress looks so stunning on you! Koogal has so many adorable dresses *__* Thank you for the mention too :'))) <333

  7. Hey,
    great pictures and an amazing outfit. I love it!

  8. loveeeee the dress!

  9. Such a dreamy outfit :) I love the hair, the necklace...everything! x

  10. very cute outfit! I love the hair :D xx

  11. I'm in love with that wig's colour. it's so unique <3
    That dress is wonderful, so unique <3 I love it, you look fantastic :)

  12. i love your wigs , your dress .. I love everything ;)

    visit me

  13. Very cute! I love the details in the texture of that fabric. Your necklace is great too!

  14. omgosh, this dress is gorgeous on you. I love Koogal's dresses! And yes, the fit and flared dresses with the cut-outs are going to be forever synonymous with mermaids for me, too! So pretty. And that is so interesting about the theoretical representation ending up being accurate!

    xox Sammi

  15. That dress is just such a pretty color! I really love how you went with the whole mermaid theme!

    And I know I have said this before, I love your science posts - you really have brought both of your loves together and that is evident!


  16. The lolita community really doesn't like Milanoo. I'm no Loli or anything (I'm not brave enough and I'm too poor to afford burando) but it's nice to know their wigs are okay!
    Also I would love to see you rock Lolita one day! You could totally pull it off and you would look super cute in that style. Respect ˘◡˘.

    Also I suppose you could also build casual Lolita-inspired ensembles like the lovely Georgina here:

    1. Ah! I could never pull off daily lolita inspired outfits as well as Georgina. She puts together the most amazing pastel outfits.

  17. I saw this shoes on pinterest and they got me thinking of you. You would look awesome in a pair!

    1. Omg. Such a coincidence - I just ordered a pair like this today!!

  18. I just made my dad really astonished with the science news (:. I love how your posts appeal to me and my dad alike, haha.

  19. nooo that's a wig? it looks amazing on you! the lilac colour is just so pretty and suits you so well too! :) and as an avid fan of mermaids, I love your necklace!

    oh and as for the circle lenses on my blog- no you don't have to get fitted for them! they are one size fits all although some people with small eyes find the larger ones too overwhelming for the size of their eyes, but you definitely do not have that problem! you just need to know your prescription to order circle lens.

    Metallic Paws


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