Thursday, 16 May 2013

Winter Owl

Goodness! It is almost winter and finally cold enough to wear this wicked new blazer I thrifted (when I'm in the shade, at least). This blazer required a cute little dress to pair with it, and this owl-print one sent to me by Cichic worked perfectly.
I've also been living in white tights lately. They are perfect for this kind of weather and  I really like how they look with little black Mary Jane or ballet strap style shoes (cute, is how).

dress - c/o Cichic
tights - c/o Oasap
shoes - Chicory
blazer - Thrifted
bag - Thrifted
belt - Thrifted
hat - c/o Wholesale

Who had cheese on toast this morning? I did! And one of my favourite science bloggers Katie from the Molecular Circus just wrote a really cool post on how cheese works (which may also have been why I chose to eat cheese this morning). She explains why cheese goes all gooey when you melt it, and why different types of cheese turn either stringey or become liquefied when you heat them up (hint: it's got to do with cheese proteins and chemical reactions). Have a little read with your morning tea! ;)

p.s. check out this super amazing drawing Cass from Undercover Dress-Up Lover did of me!

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  1. love your blazer Annika! I have a vest from the same pattern, see <3

  2. That blazer is so nice :) It seems really weird that it's winter where you are, though!

  3. Hiii! What a beautiful outfit!! I love so much you retro style!

  4. Oh I really love that dress! I'm always afraid of buying stuff online, because it's quite expensive to order something in the Netherlands due to taxes and what not and I've ordered a few misfits the last couple of times... You seem to pull everything off, though!

  5. I'm in love with the print of that dress!!! *_____________*.

  6. Such a cute print! I keep forgetting it's getting colder where you are :) And now I want cheese!

    xox Sammi

  7. I saw that post yesterday and had to go make some melted cheese right after i finished reading :)
    I really like your outfit btw :)

  8. It's funny when other countries start with winter and others with summer :)
    But here it's always rain and wind so I guess we have an eternal autumn ^^ (no bare legs and always sweaters :P)
    Love the blazer :)
    And the little owl-print is so cute :3

    Have a nice day!!

  9. I love everything about this outfit, but the bag is especially wonderful :D Weird to think your entering winter...but it might as well be here! x

  10. I'm addicted with blazers and I loved this <3 And the dress is very beautiful! Loved.

  11. lovely post!!!

  12. This dress is fantastic! My favorite is the big collar on it. The print is very cool too. I really love the plaid blazer you paired with it too. You also rock those platform heels like no other!


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