Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fast As Lightning

It's my birthday tomorrow! The big 21. I am actually pretty unhappy about getting older, I have to admit, and have not really been looking forward to my birthday. However, my amazing aunty gave me some money to buy this dress for my 21st, so things aren't all that bad ;)

This pastel purple sweater was such a good find (yep, another one from the op shop that's just a stroll from my house. That store is totally going to empty my bank account...) and I've also been into wearing kitsch badges as brooches lately, after my friend found all these awesome 90s badges for me (like my Peter Pan and Science Museum ones). This hedgehog one is still pretty kitsch, but also suits the pastel colours of my outfit.

sweater - Thrifted
blouse - Forever 21
shorts - c/o Sheinside
socks - c/o Oasap
tights - c/o Oasap
boots - Asos (similar)

See how my shorts have got lightening bolts on them? Well that's convenient, because today I'm going to talk about a new idea of what causes lightning strikes!

Running against the most accepted idea for what causes lightning - collisions between ice crystals in clouds and hail stones - a new scientific paper released the other day suggests that it's actually cosmic rays, from far off in the universe, that cause lighting strikes.

So we know what lightning is - an electrostatic discharge between clouds and the surface of the Earth (like a 1000x bigger version of taking off a static-y jumper and zapping yourself), but are not entirely sure what causes the build up of electricity in the clouds to occur.

Firstly what are cosmic rays? They are streams of high energy particles travelling through space nearly at the speed of light, which come from far away in the galaxy, probably from supernova explosions (when massive stars explode and die).
And how can cosmic rays cause lighting? Well, these high energy particles get inside our atmosphere and become ionised (they lose or gain electrons). This leads to a lot of free electrons floating around. When these collide with water atoms in clouds, more electrons are released, which sets off an "avalanche" of high-energy particles that builds up until it discharges into the Earth (read more here).

So firstly, I had no idea that we weren't sure what caused lightning. And now it's even more uncertain. It's really cool that we are still investigating the cause of something that seems as everyday as a lightning storm, when we can also make computers and flying cars (yes really) and print organs from machines, and although it can sometimes seem like we are living in the future, we still have so much to learn.

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  1. I wish I had a charity chop like that near me! Also, oh my goodness, that flying car! I need one! (I can't drive, so that might be... interesting)

  2. Just loved all outfit .. The sweater is really cutie and if a had a thrifted shop closer from my house I will probably spend all my money and my parents :P Anyway i will go back here tomorrow to wish her ​​Happy Birthday! Do not feel sad, i hate getting older too.

    Please enter my first giveaway sponsored by Oasap!

  3. absolutely stuning set dear, very vintage

  4. how cute is this outfit !? those shorts, tights :) annika, you rock the world :)

  5. Omg that hedgehog badge!!! It's so cute! And I especially love that close-up photo of you - so pretty! I didn't realize we didn't know what caused lightning either... how strange. I kind of like not always knowing these things, because sometimes the possibilities are just as exciting.

    xox Sammi

  6. such a lovely sweater! look at the bright side of being 21, if you go to the US you will now be alowed to drink alcohol! :) xx

  7. i wish i had an op shop down my road to find cool things like that! love the shorts too!


  8. Great outfit! Beautiful hat!

    Would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?

    Best wishes,

  9. Happy birthday! But why don't you want to get older? I wouldn't want to be 20 again for all the money in the world. Older=smarter and wiser and with that, caring less what anyone else thinks of you. Being 80 will rock!

    1. I guess it's mainly a fear that I won't get to witness heaps of amazing advancements in human technology and in science. I am extremely grateful for living in the time (and place) that I do now, and I know how super lucky I am, and I am going to be able to witness a lot of amazing things in my lifetime... but I would still give anything to be teleported to the future.

  10. awww that hedgehog badge is adorable!! i used to have a hedgehog but i had to have him put down last christmas, but he was the best little guy.

  11. this car is soo cool on you!
    i love this outfit!

  12. That badge is so cute! Still a big fan of your science posts. You can talk so enthusiastic about all of that and you're really good at explaining it. I wish you had been a teacher for science at my school! (Well, not really. Being a greatly loved fashion blogger is a lot of fun, too.)

  13. Annika:

    you're so smart....i always learn so much coming to your site......and not just about great stylish fashion.

    By the way, I love wearing white tights especially myself...and i think that no one looks as pretty as you do in white tights........ they are prefect on you, as is the lavender sweater and the light green shorts

    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving guy fan from the USA

    1. Awww thank you Jayme. I always love reading your comments!

    2. and I always love viewing your site.........

      you are so pretty, and you dress in such a feminine way that is sooooo very ladylike. It goes so well with you pretty smile and those captivating eyes.

      Thanks for being you....


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