Saturday, 15 December 2012

Wig review (In the form of a vlog! See me in motion!)

I've had a few requests for this, so here we go, I'm reviewing all of the wigs that I own in the form of a vlog! You guys can see me in motion for the first time (OMG)

Here are the links to each one as promised:
rating: 6/10
rating: 4.5/10

rating: 5/10
rating: 8/10

Ebay - Curly Lilac
rating: 6/10

rating: 9/10

Other very useful wig accessories that I mention/are good to have:
Wig cap - $1
Wig brush - $3

Please also note that the Choies wigs were sponsored. This has not, however, affected my review of them - I have rated them more highly here as they are better quality wigs than the ebay ones, but they are also slightly more expensive.

For some reason I had the idea that making a video would be easier than taking photos (as my camera's wireless remote is broken). That was very much a fantastical idea, video editing takes ages! Yikes! I'm also quite scared of putting something on youtube because the commenting culture is basically the polar opposite of fashion blogs. Negative comments are basically NOT A THING on fashion blogs, whereas I can't ever bring myself to look at comments on youtube videos as most are usually along the lines of "I hate you and you're worse than hitler, please go die" (and its like on a video of baby ducks or something). So what I'm trying to say is: please be nice to me youtube :)

Also, I always freak out when bloggers I follow for ages upload videos and their voices and affectations aren't anything like I imagined them to be. I want to know if my voice is anything like what you might have imagined and/or if I freaked you guys out ;) haha.

Hope you like it and hope it helps your wig purchasing :)


  1. I also was surpised by other bloggers voices but your's is very close to what I imagined it to be :-) Nice review and a very cute blog!

  2. Oh you are the cutest human being *_* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. OMG YOUR ACCENT *.* I want it.
    You're so beautiful and I'm really happy I finally get to hear your voice! :)

  4. Loved the video! You`re so sweet and seem like a genuine down to earth person (as much as i can tell from watching the video and following your blog). And i can totally relate to the whole polar opposites of commenting in blogs vs on youtube. I`m getting my new camera soon, so i`ll start doing video as well (i hope!) and the comments are the one thing i don`t look forward to :P especially since my blog comment section is disabled.
    As for your video, i really like your voice and tone - but you seem a bit different than in photos (and i guess that should be expected since it`s like more 3d or something than a flat photograph lol). Anyways, i liked it - so keep it up!

    PS - and don`t forget about the science facts for all us nerds :)))


  5. Amazing to put a voice to the face! I lovveee the purple wig - GIVE IT TO ME ;)
    Do more vlogs, they're brill.

    I XXX

  6. oh boy, your voice is way more beautiful than I imagened to be.
    - I'm sorry for the bad english, you got a dutch fan here.

  7. It's so nice to see a wig in action! Way easier to tell what's good. (Like ASOS's "Catwalk" feature). So, thanks!

    I would LOVE to see Choie's clip-in extensions in action - maybe you could do that next? Sometimes I think about trying extensions, but it just seems like a big investment, if they're going to look super-fakey.

    Anyway, thanks for the review!

  8. I love your Australian accent! You should make more vlogs!

  9. I love hearing bloggers voices, it's always a surprise because I think maybe I read everyone's words in my own voice... hah.
    Yours was higher than I imagined it, I think! Too cute.


  10. You have such an interesting accent. Have you ever lived in England? I know you're Australian but your accent is really similar to my neck of the woods!


    1. Hahah really? what part of england are you from? That makes me really happy because I was kind of hoping I didn't have a heaps Australian accent. I've never ever been to England but people often think that I have a slightly English accent. I'm not sure where it came from - too much English tv shows maybe ;)

  11. I think I might have bought some wigs from the store you bought the brown/pink wig from. All of them look really fake unless you wear a hat, it's such a shame! But probably to be expected at $10 haha. You have such a lovely speaking voice!

  12. This wig review was in perfect timing for me, because I've been wanting to buy a wig recently but quite unsure of where to buy from. And I love seeing vlogs and finding out what my favorite bloggers sound like in person!

  13. Love your accent!
    You're so cute :)

    <3 Vega

  14. Thanks for the review! Your accent is so very fancy :D

    1. Heh heh fancy?? Really? Weird :P it's so odd learning how other people perceive my voice!

  15. Your voice sounds like what I thought it would sound like :D Great review Annika!!

  16. It definitely surprised me to finally hear your voice! Of course I always knew you lived in Australia, but when I read the blog in my mind I kind of left off that bit. Really interesting about the wigs as well!

  17. Lovely to see your sweet little face in action! Great review! Such a sweetie pie!

  18. I love that hair! It has a very indi remi ocean wave look to it. Where did you get it? I have been trying to update my hairstyle as well.

  19. Yay, glad you did the review! Very helpful! Your Aussie accent sounds pretty similar to us Saffers so it was music to me ears :) If your video starts to get overrun with ugly comments, just turn comments off.

  20. This is just so awesome.
    I love all the looks! You are so beautiful!


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