Friday, 14 December 2012

Triple Kitten Part 2 & The Science of Cute

This dress is so completely cute and amazing! I think it went out of stock and restocked about 3 times before I managed to snag it from Romwe. A word about wearing this dress though - if you're thinking of buying it, you'll need to also have a stick-on, nude-coloured bra. The cut of the dress is pretty darn scandalous. But if you love dressing adventurously, it's awesome ;)
This is also the second wig which I got from my sponsor Choies! It's actually a really good wig (and on special right now) because it looks very real and is soooo soft, and I can brush it without it all falling apart so hooray - no more scuzzy, balding wigs for me! I'll have a post up reviewing all my wigs very soon, as some people have requested it :)

wig - c/o Choies
dress - c/o Romwe
tights - c/o Oasap
bag - c/o Oasap
boots - Asos

So here's a good science question for a fashion blog on which I often try and wear super cute dresses. What is the science behind the concept of "cute"? Youtuber Vsauce attempts to quantify cuteness and explain why we might perceive things as "cute" from an evolutionary behavioural point of view.

This is why the internet is now basically 90% cat, puppy and baby animal photos.
(Image source)
Speaking of, if you're looking for cute animals, look up baby pygmy hippos. I just discovered these the other day and I think they're now my favourite animal.


  1. Aaaaahh, that is the most amazing dress in all the world! Also, love the lipstick!

    Emily Wears Things

  2. That dress is beautiful! And I love those tights, absolutely adorable xo

  3. This dress is so cool! I love the unique, slightly scandalous cut of it. The cat tights are really fun paired with the cat dress too. I think you look wonderful!
    Also, the science of cuteness is definitely an interesting topic I've looked up before. Thanks for sharing the cool video!

  4. Hello! It's funny how the dress encapsulates two opposites - cute and innocent kittens and a scandalous cut. I love it so much. Loving the black lipstick and the whole outfit is very out there and very YOU. It's unbelievable and wonderful how much your blog has grown. You have such a following and there's no reason to wonder why. :D

  5. P.S. I watch V-sauce too. They have so many interesting science topics covered.

  6. Wow!! How can a dress be So cute and sexy at the same time, I have no idea, but this kitty dress manages to do so!
    You look incredible in it!!

    And the video, I have to agree to everything he said, but what about the people who doesn't like babies? I wonder if these people doesn't like them because they think they are ugly, or for what they mean (poop, puked clothes, constant crying, having no life, etc xDDD)

    Girls that glitter love the dark

    1. I think that's a really good point to make and shows the flaws in evolutionary psychology as explaining all human behavior. Evolutionary psychology (a new branch of psychology which many psychologists have some problems with for this reason) always sounds intuitive, and confirms our beliefs in human behaviours, but often doesn't hold up under more objective testing - you can't study humans from 200000 years ago, so how can you really know for sure that this is why we find things "cute"? You can't. And the example of people who DON'T find babies cute exposes the flaws in the logic of evo psychology.
      But this is a fashion blog and I decided not to get into all of that because the video is cute and makes you think nonetheless:)

  7. Shew, that dress would give me serious anxiety. But glad to see it on others!

  8. Took me forever to get that dress
    and I ordered it like 3 weeks ago ;__;
    Romwe takes forever for me. . . . </3

    Also I didn't even realize that it was cut that way!
    I will still definitely wear it though haha.

  9. The dress is so cute! And the tights are fantastic. I thought you had drawn the cat faces or something because you can't really see the tights. Oh, and the cute little hippos are so adorable. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Great post!!!That's a sexy little number and the video was fun and very interesting!

  11. Wow I think this is my favourite outfit out of all your amazing looks!!! ♥♥♥


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