Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Super exciting annoucement: Grand opening of the Little Pineneedle!

Guess what guess what guess what guys?! I've decided to open a store! It's called the Little Pineneedle and will be selling cute handmade outfit accessories including sweater/collar clips and lace sock cuffs!

If you know the lovely Paige Joanna, you may have noticed that she has recently posted about a pair of collar clips I sent her to try out! Read her post here.

But firstly, this is what I have in store right now:

There's only THREE of these available to ship right away. And for these first three that I sell, I'll also customize the tag like Paige's as way of thanks, and you can feel super special and loved :) And if all goes well, I'll start making many more!

You may have noticed me sneakily wearing these clips in a bunch of outfit posts recently:

And here's the lovely Paige wearing them! (her full post here)

~ Lace Sock Cuffs ~
The second thing I'm selling are these lacy sock cuffs! I've been sneakily wearing these  in my last few blog posts as well because they're kind of perfect to add to any pair of unfrilled socks, and I haven't been able to resist:

AND if I get my way with the post office ($15 for international shipping? No miss post office lady, I don't think so), hopefully you'll also be able to buy these super cute mushroom sweater clips soon as well. Unfortunately I can really only sell these to people in Australia right now (unless you're totally in love and must have them and are happy to pay $15 for shipping)! I've got two of these ready to ship.
Hopefully my little store might actually start running a profit one day, but really I'm just going to be pretty content if there are some people in different parts of the world  wearing and getting some joy from something that I made! WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS. (eep!)

I can't wait to hear your thoughts! (I'm very very excited and very very nervous!)

You can visit the Little Pineneedle here!
Much love!!


  1. OOh I love this. So want all of these things!

  2. How cool!
    And oh my god that's a lace cuff? That is such a genius idea!


  3. Yayyyyy! Congrats! I can't wait to hear more about your store! Good luck!

  4. how exciting, those clips are lovely!x

  5. awh, congrats on the shop! i looked at it last night! i am excited for you to make more things to sell! i love the socks!

    lindsey louise

  6. Congratulations :D So exciting!


  7. Paige! <3 what a surprise :) she looks damn good :)
    Annika, you know that I'm not even surprised that you opened your own store! It's awesome, congratulations and good luck for you :)
    I wish I could buy these collar clips, but unfortunatelly I don't have money now, maybe after Christmas, but I guess there won't be any available clips..
    Anyway, good luck <3.
    Much love,

  8. Love it girl! It's about time you start selling some of those cute things you make and wear!

  9. Your outfits are always so cute! I like your addition of science related posts. It's probably my favorite part of your blog!

  10. Congrats on your store! :D so nice to see you (hopefully) benefiting from your craftiness

  11. congrats! The clips are adorable, and I love the sock accesory idea ^^

  12. Wow! I'm so glad. How much is shipping for Australia? I've already added the shop to my bookmarks bar and cannot wait for more products!!

    1. $1 for the sunflower clips and cuffs and $3 for the mushroom clips (unfortunately they're a bit heavier). i'm so glad you like it, I should have my new stuff up really soon!


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