Friday, 28 December 2012

Praise the Sunshine

blouse - Vintage
sweater - c/o Sheinside
shorts - Asos
shoes - Asos
hat - c/o Oasap

I've got some brand new things in my shop, including these heart shaped collar clips! I also wanted to ask you guys - which colour heart clips would you guys most like to be made? The red ones are up in my store already, but maybe you guys want to see some other colours? In fact there's a poll in the sidebar which you can use to vote :) I'd really appreciate it!
I really like these red heart ones - you all know I'm obsessed with anything heart-printed or heart-shaped - so consequently I've been pairing them with every single outfit lately. And I have to admit that this outfit probably went a little over the top with heart print items - my clips, my shorts AND my sweater. Ah well. One can never wear too many hearts.

Astronomers recently took this picture (the one of the left) of the surface of Titan and have deduced that it is very likely a river. Titan is one of Saturn's moons and likely the most habitable body in our solar system after Earth, and the only other world we know of with stable liquid on its surface. The scientists don't think the river is water however, more likely liquid ethane or methane. Still, it's pretty exciting to imagine an alien world with a running river and possibly even oceans.
The image on the right is an artistic representation by Ron Miller of this river. Even though it's not a real photograph, I love these kinds of images almost more than the real thing - and they're so valuable to scientists in helping capture people's imaginations and create interest in the work that the scientists are doing.
Plus imagine how cool it would be to look up at the sky and see Saturn just hanging there.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!


  1. Agreed, SO CUTE! Very mini mouse, I love it!

  2. Ah, they're just as gorgeous as the flower clips! How can you do this to me? Loving the new location and the sunshine. And oh those shorts are the cutest :D

  3. You are so cute!!! I love your style and I must say, you have the cutest little curvy body...Im petite and curvy as well, so its always nice to see gals like you and I be totally cool with that. Im your newest follower, hope you can follow me back too.

  4. You are adorable, as always. I love your little hat and heart-print shorts! Also, space is beautiful. And, I mean, it's just logical that somewhere out there in the almost limitless series of galaxies that there is another habitable planet!

  5. That representation of Titan is so cool. I always love seeing pictures like that. It would definitely be awesome to see Saturn just hanging out in the sky.
    Also, I love all the hearts going on in this outfit. Those shorts are adorable on you and the red collar clips are fantastic!

  6. Your shorts are adorable, they somehow remind me of Minnie Mouse!

  7. I love your collar tips!!

    Francesca xo

  8. very jealous if the sunshine! love the collar clips


  9. Your shorts are so cute! You're adorable!

    I agree- You can never have too many hearts!


  10. Love those shorts! So cute, especially matched with your collar clips. :)

  11. I was going to do one of these collar clips the same way, only I'd have glitter .. omg yes now, it was so cute and I'll do my .. Cutie Annika!!! Loved his shorts, blouses, collar clips .. You're awesome cutie Annika ♥

  12. Love your shorts almost as much as I love your smile.

    Darn, your shorts are soooo very cute, and sooo very short......... hehe

    I want to get a pair...... loving your romper that I sewed together after returning from my fall in Europe.

    You're the best


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