Sunday, 23 December 2012

Plaid & Lace / Running in the Rain

I needed to wear a blazer and some tights the afternoon I took these photos - the weather here is so odd that I have no idea whether it'll be a hot or a cold Christmas! So I've actually had to think up a few Christmas outfits to suit any weather. I'm celebrating Christmas at the beach this year - I'm a very lucky lady whose boyfriend's family owns a holiday house at the beach! I would really love to take some photos on the beach itself, and I'll try and do that for you guys if the weather permits!
And just to plug my store here for a second, you can clip these little sunflower clips basically anywhere to brighten up an outfit, like on my pockets here! Just sayin' ;)
Thank you so much to the people who have bought stuff from my new store so far :) I'm planning on opening an etsy store too in the next few days, and I'm also in the process of creating a whole bunch of new things to put in it!

dress - c/o Koogal
sunflower clips - the Little Pineneedle
blazer - c/o Sheinside
wig - c/o Choies
bag - Ebay
tights - ?
shoes - Rubi Shoes

I've been travelling all day and don't currently have the necessary cognitive faculties available to me to type out an interesting science lesson (i.e., I'm very tired). So as there was a massive spontaneous downpour this afternoon that I was half-caught in, here's a great video from MinutePhysics who answer whether you'll get wetter if you walk or run in the rain - using science.


p.s. I'm probably going to regret this, but feel free to formspring me - particularly with any science topics/questions you'd like me to cover on my blog, or anything else you want to ask me!


  1. I love that new way of clipping on the clip. So excited for them to come in the mail. Maybe just in time for Christmas. ANd I too am not enjoying the volatile weather :D

  2. I totally love your blazer! and that cute sunflower clip..*Q*
    oh, btw, merry christmas for you! :D i wish the weather will be a little bit warm over there..:D


  3. I love that wig and that video was great! Have a lovely Christmas!

  4. That purse is just TOO cute!!

    <3 Vega

  5. you look amazing, I love the first outfit! Great combination like always!
    Merry Christmas! :) Enjoy your holiday

  6. Your hair is so gorgeous! Those curls!! And I adore those tights. I need to pick up a fun pair of lace tights - all the ones I have now have big runs in them.

    I saw that minutephysics video too. Awesome. I love minutephysics!

  7. What a wonderful combination! Wish we were neighbours for exchanging clothes xoxo

    cheers from Brazil

  8. You look lovely as ever, and I can't get over how cute that bag is(: Also, have you seen the new type of nerve cell that has been found (!!!!!!!) here: ?

    1. Oh wow. I also studied hyper- and hypo- thyroidism last year so that's really interesting! I wish the press release said more about exactly how they differed from other neurons! But that's awesome I can't wait to hear more about that!

  9. This is such a super cute outfit!! And the Koogal wigs look so lovely, better than your other ones for sure (which I love anyway).

    Good Morning Angel.

  10. Very pretty! I love that blazer with those tights.
    Merry Christmas! Have fun at the beach ;)
    I think my Christmas might ALSO include some beach time!

  11. I love that blazer so much!! I think it add a lot to the outfit. You always look gorgeous. :)


  12. Lovely style and blog! Maybe you'd like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN?:)


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