Monday, 24 December 2012

Lady in Red / End of the world

This is a dress that I've had since I was 14, and have almost gotten rid of a countless number of times. I am glad that I have refused to let go of it (via a little bit of a hoarding problem) - because it's the perfect little Christmas dress, goes perfectly with this cardigan from Oasap, and has an awesome plaid pattern which I am loving right now!
I also did a more "grown up" look with some heels.
dress - Ally (?)
cardigan - c/o Oasap
socks - Cotton On
boots - Ebay
heels - Wholesale

So I didn't want to add to the ridiculous end-of-the-world hype before the 21st, but now the world is well and truly not ending, here's a list of ways in which scientists think the universe might meet its eventual demise!
And don't worry - they're not going to be happening for a number of billion years yet and our world will most likely not be around any more, having being burnt to a crisp by our exploding sun. So it's all good! :)
Image from here.
Ways the universe is predicted by physicists to end:
1. The big freeze
The universe is currently expanding. It will continue expanding forever. Expanding causes the universe to cool down until it reaches absolute zero, at which point life cannot survive, and atoms themselves stop moving. Estimated time left: trillions of years.
2. The big crunch
The universe is currently expanding. At some point, it will reach maximum expansion, then come rushing back in on itself until it's condensed into a black hole. Think of it like the opposite of the big bang. Estimated time left: between 10 and 20 billion years.
3. The big rip
The universe continues expanding forever. It reaches a point where everything is so "expanded" that all matter, including all the atoms, rip apart. Estimated time left: 20 to 22 billion years.
4. The big bounce
Like the big crunch, the universe is going to collapse into itself. However it will then "bounce" back out again in a kind of a big bang, and continue this cycle infinitely. Estimated time left: infinity (although not much is going to survive the universe continually condensing in on itself).

Wikipedia has a good page on the "ultimate fate of the universe" if you're interested in further reading on the subject!

Oh, and uh, Seasons Greetings guys!


  1. adorable outfit! It's a good thing you didn't get rid of the dress because it's lovely :-D

    Francesca xo

  2. Oh my Anika, you look adorable in red, love this look!
    And I agree with you and the theories about the end of the universe... last friday it was so stupid that I fell so shame about everyone who thought it was really the end!

  3. I can't believe you can wear a dress from when you were 14! I wouldn't even be able to fit my thigh into the dresses I wore then haha!

    It is the perfect Christmas dress. You look lovely!


  4. You look great in it, so good you didn't throw it away...! ;D
    I have one, too, from my teenage years, I don't dare trying it on xDDD

  5. That dress is so darling! love that you paired it with a sweet pair of shoes & socks! hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    Lady à la Mode

  6. Hello! Firstly I'll say thank you. I received your Little Pineneedle package and the personalised note and little extra brooch made my night. Perfect timing, the night before christmas. Secondly, Merry CHristmas! as being past midnight it is now CHristmas Day. Thirdly, do not under any circumstances chuck that dress out. It is adorable, and I regret chucking out so many things which I'm now wishing I could have just re-vamped. And fourthly, reading of ways the world is going to end is not the most lightening, Christms-y topic, but still makes for insightful reading. Is there a character limit on these comments for surely I am exceeding it :D

    1. yaaaaaaay! it's a christmas miracle that they arrived before christmas! haha. I hope you love them! :) Have the loveliest christmas! xxxx

  7. This dress is gorgeous, you look so festive! The whole Mayan calender ending thing has been driving me mad as well, I studied archaeology and it's a ridiculous misunderstanding of how they viewed the passage of time. The whole thing really annoyed me. Anyway, I think it is after midnight for you now, so have a very Merry Christmas xo

  8. i LOVE the little boots, how cute are those?! i love the detail of the bow.

    the whole end of the world fad was extremely annoying to me, but also interesting. i had to go read everything about the mayan calender, when people started talking about it a long time ago.

    happy holidays though!

    lindsey louise

  9. Haha I love all the end-of-the-universe theories. Thanks for sharing!
    Also, I understand why you can't get rid of that dress because it's adorable and definitely perfectly festive with the red plaid print. I love it with the white socks and heels. Super cute as always!

  10. I'm so glad I've found your blog, it's just adorable! Also, you look insanely stunning in red :)xx

  11. I think it's illegal to be able to fit into a piece of clothing that you've had since you were 14.. How can you stay so petite and cuteeee! You are sooo adorable!


  12. you look so slammin' in red! love this monochromatic look!


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