Saturday, 8 December 2012

Black Lips, Blue Docs & Immortality

Okay, so look what I got at the op shop on Thursday! I mentioned these in yesterday's blog post, but I still can't believe my luck so I'm mentioning them again. Super good condition dark blue Dr Martens made in England. For $12. In my size. BEST HAUL EVER!
I'm also so happy with this blazer! I'm not a big blazer wearer, but this one suited this outfit really well! I LOVE the plaid orange colour. I actually think it would also work really well paired with lilac in an outfit that isn't so dark.
blazer - c/o Sheinside
dress - Chicabooti
boots - Dr Martens (Vintage)
socks - Wholesale
belt - Vintage

You guys already know how much I love jellyfish (even when they're not really jellyfish), but the coolest hydrozoan that I think I've come across thus far are the species Turritopsis nutricula, who are only immortal.
These jellies are the real-life equivalent of Benjamin Button - basically, once they reach old age, they can revert back to being babies again. This reversal process is part of their natural life-cycle and the fact that they can continuously do it again and again makes them biologically immortal. Read more here, they're amazing creatures.

Another animal who I've always been fascinated with, who is also considered somewhat biologically immortal are the flatworm Planarian. This worm can be cut in half, in quarters - in fact, up to 1/279ths, and each bit will regrow into a whole new individual worm. Because of this regeneration, and because they also maintain telomere length (a process thought to be a causing factor of aging in other organisms), they can also effectively live forever.

This is why science is awesome.

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  1. You have some serious pattern mixing skill~~~ And I CANNOT BELIEVE there is actually an animal that is "immortal" o_o

  2. PLANARIAN!! I had an experiment involving them when I was in the 7th grade! We cut one in half and saw it grow into two mini-planaria. :D Also, the immortal jellyfish? Even more of a reason to love them~

    But okay $12 Docs? So jealous! I've been hoping to find a pair of vintage Docs at a thrift store, but I've failed miserably every time TAT

    1. When I was reading more about them today I read that a common experiment done in US high schools is to condition the worms to fear light through classical conditioning, them grind them up and feed them to other worms. The worms who are fed these worms learn to fear light much more quickly.
      And if you chop the worm in two after conditioning, both worms fear the light.
      So their memories are somehow stored chemically, which is pretty much amazing.

  3. That is so cool about the jellyfish! I think I heard a tiny mention of that somewhere, but hadn't looked it up yet. Something about them holding the key to anti aging. Go science!
    Also, those Docs were an amazing find and such a bargain. I'm loving your blazer and the fun mix of prints in this outfit too.

  4. knew about the planarian, not about the jelly fish..<3...I'm a bit obsessed with sea creatures XP
    Congrats on the docs ^^ I really love this outfit

    (and I'm really tempted to join XP)

  5. You rock the Docs so well! I have a red pair but I just look like a builder in them so they're consigned to the back of my cupboard.


  6. I love this outfit. Your dr martens were so cheap! jealous!

    Francesca xo

  7. That lipstick is amazing!

  8. i just love your blazer here! it's so perfect with this outfit.
    i also linked my diy of the heart skirt to your blog from my latest post! thanks again for the diy and i loved how it turned out!

    lindsey louise

  9. those docs are incredible!!! I feel kind of unlucky as there aren't that many great thrift shops here :( but that's an awesome find.

    I also really love reading about jellyfish...their anatomy and biology is so fascinating. It seems like they almost shouldn't exist with the weird life processes they have, and this one is amazing! (it's almost like the smaller you go in the scope of life the more alien the creatures are!)

    1. I'd agree with that. I just learnt about a type of bacteria today that can survive years being totally dried out AND steal DNA from surrounding organisms and debris. I think around 10% of the genes it expresses are stolen. And aphids are crazy too - an aphid can give birth to a PREGNANT aphid.

  10. This is probably my favourite outfit of yours, you look incredibly pretty. And jellyfish! Learning about their life cycles is amazing, really


  12. This look is genius. From the sleek hat to the adorable boots. And the
    black lipstick. You so rocked this look!

  13. youre the only person i've ever seen who can pull off black lipstick!

  14. your outfit is perfect, i looove it ! x

  15. Aaaw I'm in love with this outfit !
    And you're so lucky for the Dr. Martens, I'm trying to find cheap ones, but I think those shoes are kind of LTI (long-term investment).
    It's a must-have and it will never be "has-been", and I'm sad that my fake docs are dying days after days.

    Gosh, I'm afraid about worms, why they should regrow when we cut them, aarg ! I don't remember in which movie I saw something like this.
    Jellyfish is really a strange thing. I don't want to imagine which can of creature we can find in the dept of the ocean. Well, this video can show some of them.

    on Couleur Spleen.

    1. Ahhhh awesome. deep sea creatures are so fantastic!!!

  16. very interesting stuff , thanks for the information , never knew jellies was so cool 0.0


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