Saturday, 22 December 2012

I'm Madeline!

You guys have no idea how long I've wanted a cape coat! So when Faith & Lola asked me if I wanted anything from their store to try out I had to choose this! It's got a peter pan collar, the cutest little buttons and some super pretty crocheted lining around the sleeves and bottom of the cape. I'm completely, completely in love. Luckily I also happen to live in a place with a totally bizarre and unstable climate (it's about 20 degrees colder than when I was complaining about the heat yesterday), so it was easily cold enough to layer up today and wear my new coat.
This cape also happens to go perfectly with these sunflower sweater clips (which you can buy from my store here!)
cape coat - c/o Faith&Lola
collar clips - The Little Pineneedle
sock cuffs - The Little Pineneedle
blouse - c/o Oasap
ring - Ebay
shorts - ??
boots - Asos
bag - Vintage

Today Phil Plait shared his pick of the best Astronomy images of 2012 - and they are mind-blowingly awesome. 
My favourite is this one that the deep-field Hubble space telescope took - the astronomers decided to point the telescope at a part of the sky which they thought was empty, do a set of super long exposures... and came up with this. Each bright "star" you see is actually a whole galaxy - and some of the galaxies it captured are 13 billion light years away. That means we are seeing them as they existed 13 billion years ago, almost as old as the universe, because of the time it takes light to reach us. I can't even wrap my head around the fact that we are able to see things like this. Go science!

Much love to you all!


  1. Madeleine! I used to looove that cartoon.
    Man, you're lucky it is chilly in Australia. We're melting here in Brazil (35 C everyyyyday). I just hate it!

  2. We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all we love... your cape! Haha, gafaw gafaw, I'm so hilarious. But seriously I do love it. And seeing you're sunflower clips, it's got me so excited for them coming in the mail. EEK! Thank goodness it's domestic for once, so I'm not going to be waiting weeks upon weeks, hopefully...

    1. Hahaha well I giggled. And my mum giggled. It was an awesome joke :) and I hope so too! Haha you must also be used to overseas stuff. I'm always so shocked when I get order things from Australia and they arrive in a couple of days now, because I am so used to overseas shipping haha.

  3. loving your ring! xx

  4. Loving you cape coat! I have always wanted one and this one is incredibly cute!

  5. Space facts continually blow my mind. I often frequent my local planetarium, they have the coolest telescopes. Anyhow- that cape! It (and you) are adorable! You manage to be both cute and devilishly sexy ;)

  6. Loving your outfit!

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  7. You're so cute! I love your cape!


  8. That's funny I just bought the same ring yesterday !
    I really like the whole outfit ! It's so vintage.

    The strange fact about stars and galaxies, it's that, as you said, we see them as they were billions years ago. So it means that we see the past, and some stars which are "dead" now are still visible by us.
    I wish we could travel in the universe !

    on Couleur Spleen.

    1. I know, isn't is amazing to think? All those galaxies are probably either long exploded or completely evolved and different, and they'd be billions of miles away as well.

  9. Annika! All your pictures are verrryyyy gorgeous! Do you take it all by yourself with a tripod or you have a photographer? :3

    1. Thank you! Well for these photos I had a "kind-of" photographer (my dad, who I got to press the button on the camera after I set up a tripod haha). But usually I take them on my ownsome lonesome.

  10. So cute!!
    And I love astronomy images; they are so magical

    Francesca xo

  11. Belive me, I understand you, cus I'm looking for one hat like half year, oh and I can't find it anything!
    You look awesome. This cape coat reminds me of Paris <3 I don't know but I love it so so so much <3
    Stop being so cute Annika!! <3

  12. oh my, i was madeline for halloween this year! i adore her style, it's so inspiring to me. i love the cape you are wearing here!

    lindsey louise

  13. I absolutely adore this cape! The little details are just lovely and those sunflower clips are so cute!!

  14. Super awesome cape. You look adorable as always!

    Love, Amy

  15. Oh my goodness, too cute. I want a cape!


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