Sunday, 2 December 2012

DIY Inspiration - a pinafore from a long skirt

I made this pretty green velvet pinafore this morning from a long vintage skirt. The skirt was actually pretty lovely long - but I was never going to wear it in its ankle-length state. So I decided to turn it into a pinafore. It already had a waistband, so it was just a matter of chopping it short and using the bottom part to make straps! I think I might still make some pockets to go on it (like this) - I'll post another photo if I do!

Unfortunately... I only took one photo of the skirt while it was long and didn't realise how grumpy I look in it until now. Oops. So... I guess you'll have to put up with my grumpy face. It kind of works in favour of the the before/after scenario, anyway.
This is how I sliced the skirt up to make it into a pinafore, in case you were wondering :)

sunflower clips - the Little Pineneedle
blouse - Vintage
bag - Vintage
shoes - Jellybeans
socks - Wholesale


  1. I do this exact same thing with so many skirts I find! I love how easy it is!

  2. So cute! Your DIYs are such inspiration- cute, yet simple.

  3. Awesome! Loving the fabric.


  4. i love this! such a pretty color too. i just wanted to let you know, i completed the heart pocket skirt diy and i adore it! thanks so much for that, i loved the skirt.

    lindsey louise

    1. Oh really?? That's so exciting! please send me a picture I would love to see! :)

  5. Ooh, this look seriously has me swooning! <3 Your collar clips are the sweetest!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  6. Not only is it a great D.I.Y. idea, but a stunning outfit post also!


  7. I adore that green velvet! :)

  8. Love it!!! I miss having a sewing machine! I still wear my first dress that I made all the time (I made the dress after stumbling upon your blog for the first time, that's how inspiring you are!!!) What a beautiful colour of green!!!


  9. great idea, I should buy this kind of skirt in secondhand and try to do it! You look great!

  10. Wow that looks great...I'd have passed over that skirt and never thought of making it into something cute!

  11. you always have so many lovely ideas <3 it's awesome! you made very special skirt :) love it !

  12. Oh my gosh, love love love! This is so beautiful.

    <3 Melissa

  13. Hooray for jelly shoes!! Takes me back to 6 year old paddles in the sea! x Rachel

  14. So sweet!
    And I just love dark green velvet as well (a bit of a niche love I think).

    Good Morning Angel.

  15. You have made an excellent choice in footwear haha! They remind me of what an awesome time I had in the 90's. SO GOOD. I love love loveity love the skirt. You are way too talented. Please share some of your talent with me thank youuuuuu!! :) :) :)


  16. I seriously had this SAME exact idea today! I love how yours turned out! I saw Tonya from the moptop wearing a Dahlia pinafore and thats when I thought OHHH maybe I could make that!Yours is green velvet though so I am not sure I can top that! Hope you're having a lovely day!
    xo Hannah

  17. I love doing this with frumpy looking thrift store skirts! They always look 110% better once you pinafore-ify them. ;D I really love how you styled yours! It looks super cute. <3

  18. ahhh that is so pretty!

  19. Awesome! Totally using this! Thank you :D


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