Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cosmic Unicorns and the Scale of the Universe

Hey guys! I bought this ASOS bodysuit the other day as soon as I laid my eyes on it - basically as a unconscious knee-jerk response to the ON SALE signs and the fact that it's got unicorns on it - then had immediate regrets (immediate as in 1 hour later so it was too late to cancel the order) because it was a petite-sized item. I started stressing that it wouldn't fit me as I am quite a bit taller than the recommended height for petite clothes! LUCKILY, I must I have an oddly short torso or something, because it fit perfectly! I also needed to show off the whole print in all it's spectacular, cosmic unicorn glory:
And I just checked, but unfortunately they're all out of stock now :(

bodysuit - Asos
tights - (worn backwards) c/o Oasap
boots - Asos
skirt - Wholesale

After attempting to make you all feel small and insignificant about your place within the universe yesterday, I figured why not do it again? 'Tis the season! This is an old favourite, that I'm sure some of you will really enjoy if you haven't come across it before: The Scale Of The Universe (2). I just spent about an hour clicking on all the different stars and planets that they use as comparisons and learning all about them. Also the minecraft world is bigger than Earth. Also apparently this site was made by two 14 year olds (!!). Go check it out - it encompasses the entire universe and makes you feel very very big and then very very small all at the same time.


  1. This body suit is the best ever! I'm glad the petite size fit you after all because it's so cute on you. I love how you paired it with the high-low skirt.

  2. Wow this was a smart shopping fling :) I love the unicorns and how you matched the bodysuit. Damn... smashing!

  3. Awesome, I love going for petite stuff from ASOS. I think in feet I am 5 foot 1, and the models are like 5'9 or 5'10, 5'11 even, so it's definitely a good thing to have dresses compensating for my short torso. The unicorns are beyond awesome. And please stop blowing my mind with website about outer space. I don't think my brain can handle all this knowledge about our vast universe :D

  4. those tights are awesome!

    lindsey louise

  5. I love that bodysuit! I also got a good laugh of surprise when scrolling through and suddenly finding your skirt was removed--it was like a flipbook or something. :) Glad you have an abnormally small torso that fit! :D

  6. Oh man that bodysuit is amazing. I am sadly lacking in unicorn related apparel.


  7. Love it! Makes me want a unicorn body suit. :)

    xo Ashley

  8. Omg how i love your bodysuit! You look great Annika!

  9. Oh my god Annika ! I wear same skirt today :DD ! I love this body, you look amazing <3 <3 <3 aw, so cute

  10. Super cute bodysuit!
    I love unicorns!!! And it looks great with the skirt!!

    <3 Vega

  11. Obsessed with that bodysuit!

    <3 Melissa


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