Monday, 17 December 2012

Adventure Time Giveaway update - I'm now giving away TWO pairs of Finn & Jake sweater clips! // CLOSED

You guys are so awesomely creative - and so many of you have entered my Adventure Time giveaway - that I've decided to make and giveaway TWO adventure time sweater clip sets as thanks :)
I've been blown away by some of the amazing entries, and want to give an honourable mention to the wonderful people who have taken part in the 10-point entry and drawn a picture of one of my outfits - Adventure Time style! See their entries showcased on this page here.

I basically wanted to double their (and everyone elses) chances of winning because I have been so stoked with the effort they've made!

If you want to enter, you've got 8 more days to do so! Enter here.

p.s. If I get heaps more entries, I might just have to give away three... ;)


  1. eep! i hope my scanner gets hooked up in time for me to be able to enter a drawing! :'c ah! the entries so far are beyond adorable! this is such a cute contest!

  2. Just looked at your showcase of entries. I didn't know this give away was going on. If I had any artistic talent I would enter, but I am hopeless at drawing, etc. so I'm going to step back and admire. How on earth are you going to choose between them! Yikes, would not like to be you right now!

    1. Well, luckily I don't have to - the drawing option just gives you 10 more entries - which gives you heaps more chance of winning but it's still going to be a randomly selected thing!
      But that's why I wanted to give away two clip sets, because the drawings were all so good and I want to give those people more chance on winning :)

  3. this is lovely =)
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  4. I entered this, and I'm sure I won't win this, eh.
    MY LIFE hah<3

  5. You're awesome!
    I entered the contest, this is for you:
    Hope you like it <3


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