Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Time Traveller

I feel like I should be heading off on a worldly trip wearing this outfit. The shoes may not be practical for travelling but this gorgeous berry bag from Marc B certainly would be - this is probably one of the nicest bags I've ever owned, and super luxurious - it's got leopard print lining and pretty gold embellishments. It would also be the perfect sized bag for a plane trip.
This skirt from Romwe is one of my new favourites. Although I'm actually not sure of where the photo is of. Is it Rome? Can any geography/history buff point me in the right direction? It would be really cool if it were Rome because I'm (probably possibly) going to visit Italy next year!

shirt - Forever 21
bag - c/o Marc B
cardigan - c/o Modcloth
skirt - c/o Romwe
Tights - c/o Oasap

Now this is definitely more science fiction than science, but IF physicists were to figure out time travel, how would it work? Well, movies and fiction give us three possible ideas:
But just make sure, any potential time travellers, that you first do some astronomy lessons.

By the way if you're wondering about why the heck I'm talking about time travel, I started putting an awesome science item with every outfit post. Keep up.


  1. Such a Cute outfit!

  2. So lovely fashion!!

    xoxo from Japan

  3. Gorgeous, striking photos. Mustard is definitely a great colour on you. I love it. Lizz x

  4. you have an interesting style but I really like! Great look,the skirt is super awesome!

  5. yes yes yes, you definitely should do such trip and come here and visit me ;)!
    you look stunning, but you probably know this ^^.
    i love this mustard cardigan. i love mustard colour and you look so damn good wearing this. it's amazing <3

  6. I'm so interested about time travels.
    I've read about the theory of the "trou de vers" (sorry I can't find the english translation) If two black holes in space are connected, there is maybe the possibility to travel between them very fast, so end up in the future without being affected by the time. That's pretty interesting !

    But yeah, there is the paradox with the grandpa', like in Futurama. So I believe we can travel far in the future, but back to the past... That's hard to believe. I think what is done is done forever, except if there is parallel universes for each second of the past. Haha, I even don't understand what I'm saying.

    By the way, the picture might be in Italy, but I thought about Prague too. Maybe science can solve the mystery :)

    on Couleur Spleen.

    1. I think "trou de vers" is the equivalent of "wormholes" in english. They're definitely an interesting concept. theoretical physicists love wormholes. I just love science fiction books about them.

      I'm in the same boat, I think "travelling into the future" is possible, because you could do this if you figured out super, super fast travel (like near the speed of light). I watched this pop-physics tv show once that designed a train that went around the Earth near to the speed of light. If you were sitting on the train, only a day would pass, but outside 100 years would pass. This wikipedia page is super fun:

      But it blows my mind too much to think about travelling into the past. If it were possible, wouldn't we already know about people in the future, who have travelled back in time to tell us time travel is possible?? Or have they tried not to interfere as to not create a paradox? Or, from a more deterministic viewpoint, can you change the past at all?

    2. Hey thank you for the link I'm gonna read it ! It's seems terribly interesting. If one day we could reach the speed of the light, the face of the universe would change forever !

      As you said, maybe some people went back to the past (or our present) but they didn't want to interfer, because it could creates a paradox or change the History. Some people say that it's actually the case with UFO, and that E.T are the evolution of humans. Well, I don't know what to think about it haha, I'm open-minded and agnostic so I say that everything is possible. We'll never know, the universe is too complicated for our brains.
      I read this article which present pictures of so-called time travellers. I think they all have an explanation, but that's nice to dream a little bit ;)

    3. Hahaha, that website is great. I love that one with the woman on her mobile phone. Using a mobile phone in 1920? With what satellites? She must have had pretty bad mobile reception, haha.
      Yeah, you definitely have to be skeptical of websites like that where there is a pretty easy explanation for them all, but it's still fun to think about time travellers living all around us, for sure.

      And yup, there's a lot we can't know, just because of the limitations of our brain! that doesn't mean we should believe everything though! but that's what the scientific method and scientific skepticism is here for, it can help us figure out what is really amazing science (and what we should spend our time on!) and what might just be nonsense.

      I wish they were time travellers though, haha.

  7. That skirt is hot! I love how you styled it with the white tights and tank, and those them!

  8. haha this is great! I LOVE your cardigan!

  9. This was interesting, I love learning about the possibilities of time traveling, I was wondering if you can give me your opinion on this because this one always confuses me, in the Multi-Universe if the original timeline is unaffected yet you cannot return to your original timeline isn't that an affect to what you have done? and if you cannot return to your original time line where do you go? do you stay in past where you killed your grandparents or does that mean that you cannot travel back in time to the original time line as in you can go back to your current future but can never return to your pasts timeline?

    sorry for rambling on here lol, I always try to explain this to my bf who loves to make fun of me for my time traveling Doctor Who loving obsession haha!

  10. So... in the multi-universe theory, you create a parallel universe every single time you make a decision, and the two universes carry on their own separate timelines, influenced by that decision going either one way or the other.

    So if you were to flip a coin, for example, you create one universe where the coin came up heads, and one where it was tails, and the ramifications of either make the two universes different.

    I think this kinnnda explains it:

    But as for travelling BACK in time in the multiverse... well... I don't know.

    I really actually have no idea about theoretical physics, so I don't think I can answer your question very well at all, I'm sorry!

    As for the time travel in Dr Who... :| Haha. (Gosh I love Dr Who, SO MUCH, but it frustrates me sometimes why he can't just go a little bit back in time to fix things - it only ever creates a "paradox" when it's convenient to the storyline haha)

  11. Haha yes! I hate that but I guess if that didn't happen the stories would always end in a Happy Ending lol .

    thanks for that youtube link by the way. totally made sense!


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