Sunday, 25 November 2012

Lipards, leopons & jagupards

I bought the coolest bodysuit the other day. And guess what - it was $10! Best score. Unfortunately the leopard's face gets completely hidden if paired with high waisted skirts & shorts (and let's face it, I'm never going to wear low-waisted anything), so I'm really only going to be able to wear it on and around the beach. But hey! That's where I am today, in fact, so it's all good! And as if you wouldn't buy a leopard photo-print bodysuit for $10, no matter how impractical - it's too awesome.

So this little guy here is a leopon.
A Leopon (lion & leopard)
Leopards (the breed of the big cat on my bodysuit) are able to be cross-bred with many different big cats, resulting in some pretty funny sounding animals, including:
Leopons or lipards (depending on the gender of the parents) is a cross-breed with a lion;
A jagupard or leguar is a cross-breed with a jaguar;
And a pumapard, which results from a cross between a leopard and a puma. Pumapards are interesting - the cross means that they inherent a form of dwarfism and never grow very large, so they end up looking like oversized house cats.
Unfortunately it's very rare that a cross-bred cat is healthy, and they also have problems breeding themselves - many are sterile, although ligers and ligoons (cross tiger/lion) have been known to produce fertile offspring.
And that has been your daily Pineneedle science dose. You can read more about leopons here (pretty interesting if you're into animals or genetics).

bodysuit - cheap shop under Central station, Sydney
cat tights - c/o Oasap
shoes - Label shoes c/o Chictopia Shop


  1. Damn non homologous chromosomes! ;-)

  2. Seriously? I have been looking for soooo long for a cute bodysuit (preferably animal themed) that doesnt cost like a million dollars and bam! You have done it! soooo cute! :D

  3. My goodness, that is awesome!


  4. I turned lesbian just for this post. Your body is freakin hot, my lady!

  5. oh wow, re anon.
    you look awesome and it's true, you are lookin very hot !! <3

  6. That's a great bodysuit! I don't think I'd wear it anywhere but the beach, either :)

    I've never heard of leopons before. We've got a wholphin at the aquarium near my house, but that's the only cross-bred animal I've come across until now.


    Ps- I love the addition of the science fact! I'm a bit of a science nerd too and I miss Chemistry now that I've decided to be an English major :)

  7. Love this suit!!!
    Tad bit of an edgier look for you, and I love it :)

    <3 Vega

  8. Loving the Pineneedle Science and you look STUNNING!

  9. omg, one word, gorgeous <3

  10. Nice! Love the body suit! What is the store name, do you remember? Paddy's market side, or Ultimo side?

    1. It's underneath central station... basically exactly underneath the bus interchange! You go underneath the road at the bus interchange at central station and bam - there they are! There's like 5 of these stores! I don't remember their names though I'm sorry!

    2. Is it a Vinnies? I'll go have a look tomorrow ;) Thanks for the tip!

    3. no, it's a $10 cheap shop. a whole bunch of $10 cheap shops. that's okay!


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