Friday, 23 November 2012

Lady Cupcake

Even though I've been dressing a bit darker lately, including leather and black lipstick and the like, don't think I've forgotten my frilly, pink, pastel side. This dress is yet another beautiful design from the amazing Mod Dolly. Paired with this lace blouse I feel a little bit like I'm emulating a cupcake (definitely a good thing, cupcakes are the best). Also, a bunch of new dresses have just been added to the Mod Dolly store so you should go check it out! As I'm going through a bit of a 90s phase, I'm loving these two in particular: dark florals and all-over tartan with a peter pan collar?! I'm in love!
And if you want to snap these up before they're gone, remember that you can use the discount code ANNIKA to get 15% off anything at Mod Dolly!

dress - c/o Mod Dolly
blouse - cheap shop under Central Station
tights - c/o Oasap
shoes - Forever 21
bag - Vintage

Okay, how awesome is this? Here's my nerd-love science item for the day. Brady Haran (from periodic videos) and the University of Nottingham chemistry department made a chemistry professor (who they obviously like quite a lot) a periodic table of cupcakes for his birthday:
So uh, my 21st is coming up in half a year... just saying.

I also want to mention that I'm so glad I started talking about science on my blog. I never thought I'd be having discussions about time travel or zombie parasites on a fashion blog, but I'm really enjoying it :) Thanks to everyone who gets involved in discussing the science item that I post! Even if you don't have a scientist's knowledge of science, I love hearing your thoughts about something I've posted, even if it's just letting me know you found it interesting or learnt something new!


  1. wow I really love the periodic table cake. Chemistry is my thing, too. :D

  2. What an adorable outfit!! I love the periodic table cupcakes!! That's crazy!! =P

    Ergo - Blog

  3. Moddolly is such amazing shop so I just can't <3.
    Aw jdhsdkghkhgdfg.
    Why you are so beautiful!? It's not fair ^^
    I'm in love with this dress.
    It's sweeter than cupcakes!

  4. this is probably my fave post by you ever! =D
    the outfit is SIMPLY SUPERB (especially loving the adorable lace cardi! <3)
    and the periodic table cupcakes are just too EPIC XD
    and the dresses you showed are so cute! you'd look GREAT in them =]

  5. Gorgeous dress, I love how you put the whole outfit together.

    And oh oh, that's my University!

  6. I love that you're talking about science on your blog. I'm studying science myself and hope to do neuroscience research when I grow up, so this is right up my alley. Is it okay if I steal this idea if I ever start a blog? ;)

    1. the more science/fashion blogs out there the better! That's awesome that you're studying science!! I'm glad you appreciate the science bits :) I'm starting to focus on neuro next year too, so excited !!


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