Sunday, 18 November 2012

I'm back, baby! (& my DIY Tapestry Shorts)

Well hello there!
It's so nice to be back! I feel like I've been gone forever, even though it's only been 10 days. And oh boy, has it been a long 10 days. I'm really happy with how my exams went though, I feel like my crazy non-stop studying session paid off; now my first year of university is behind me and I am looking forward to being able to specialise in some neuroscience next year! However for now, I am definitely looking forward to the start of the summer holidays and not studying for the next three months.
So this is the second time in just three posts where the title of my post has also been a pun  (because the first picture has involved me turned around, showing off some feature of the back of my outfit, and I am also "back". So clever). What can I say. I guess I'm just a really lazy writer. Unless you're like my dad or brothers and you consider the ability to make puns to be the height of wit and intelligence, then you probably think I'm some kind of genius.
I've basically lived in this Sheinside sweater the entire past week. It's the perfect study sweater for me - it allows me to be comfy, but I like that the heart patches on the elbows stop me from looking like a bit of a slob. Yes I care what I wear even when I'm studying. This is why this is the perfect study sweater. A plain grey sweater would be a bit daggy, but the addition of the subtle heart patches at the elbows turns it into a cute layering piece.
And then there's my shorts! I made them about a month ago - remember how I suddenly came into the possession of a very large lot of fabric? Well this was the first thing I made with them.
You can see my past DIYs for shorts here. I made these socks myself as well! I'll have a tutorial up on how to lace-ify your socks real soon.
I took these photos a couple of weeks ago before I started studying, but if I got to take the photos again I would have paired it up with this bag from OASAP instead (which unfortunately arrived in the mail a day after I took these pictures.) I've used this bag exclusively for the past week, and it is my new favourite. It was the best for my exams because it's the perfect size for A4 study notes and can be converted from a satchel bag to a backpack. Expect to see this gorgeous thing in an outfit post real soon:
Anyway, as for my outfit, I am wearing...
sweater - c/o Sheinside
shorts - DIY
socks - DIY
hat - c/o Wholesale
belt, shoes and bag - vintage

I hope you've all been very well! I've missed blogland!
No science item for today... I've already talked on enough. Tomorrow I will have an awesome science item for you though.

One more thing - I'm sorry for freaking everyone out with the title of my last blog post. Yes... it was intentional. I thought it would be funny... but I didn't think everyone would freak out as much as they did! I particularly liked this comment for it's dramaticity (if that's even a word):
Dying is pretty extreme. It's nice to know I am appreciated, and thank you Lauren :)

Much love and thanks for reading!


  1. really cute outfit! love your heart patches:)

  2. congrats on being done with exams. doesn't it feel great? studying never ends if you're in med school though and i'm still excited you're going into neuro. we're doing a huge neuroanatomy block after winter break. what adorable boater hat + satchel combo

    pandaphilia fashion

  3. You have such a cute blog, I love it! And those shorts are amazing, I have some fabric laying around too so I think I'll have something to do the following week!

  4. I love those shorts! I am so obsessed with tapestry right now!

  5. Yeaaaaaahhhhhh! Annika is back! I really missed you, your posts, outfits and DIYs. I'm glad that everything has worked out, studying is good, but a long vacation and resting time is even better. I visited your blog every day and I'm happy that you're back. Kisses! Bye bye!

  6. I think this is my favourite outfit of yours :) It's gorgeous

  7. i completely understand taking a break for studying! that's good that you did! i adore the print on your shorts, so lovely.

    lindsey louise

  8. Hi Annika! I discovered you on Lookbook- It's so cool that you made your outfit! It's very cute! I wish I could sew! I hope you don't mind that I spotted your look on Socialbliss, which is an online fashion community that I think you would really like. I gave credit to you and your blog. You should check it out! If you joined it could help promote your blog. Click on my name to see more. :)

  9. oh Annika, I'm so glad you are back, but yea school is always on first place. I'm so glad I already finished high school (yea, even if I'm 21 :/ but I was in hospital for two years, whatever). School is very important.
    I want to say that my wig is broken :( You have so many wigs, I'm also going to buy some new soon. But I miss your photos where you had short hair :) You are such cute pie.
    I'm also in love with this lovely sweater. These hearts are so sweet. I want to make such for myself. I have leggins with these hearts :). And they are awesome :)
    And this green, dark green suits you :) All these pieces of clothes look amazing on you :)
    Aw, so good you are back here :)!

    1. it broke?? how?? that sucks. Although I guess you may be getting what you pay for with cheap wigs.. I'm lucky, mine are all still (mostly) intact! although the elastic is going from my pink one :(
      oh my goodness. hospital for two years :( i was in hospital for one week last year and i felt like that was forever. I can't even begin to imagine how horrible two years must have been
      thank you for your sweet comment katie ♥♥

  10. Congratulations on getting through your exams! I hope you've got some time off to look forward to. Love this outfit, the elbow patches are perfect and I love the fabric of those shorts! xo

  11. Welcome back lady! I checked your blog every day you were gone hoping maybe you'd popped back in for a quick post or something like that :P I'm glad you made it through exams and I love your sweater.

    1. aw man :) you're the best as well! i can't believe how many lovely readers I have! thank you ♥♥♥

  12. So glad to see that you're back! Congrats on finishing your first year, that's so exciting!

    Those shorts are super adorable, such a pretty fabric!

    Also, I love your puns. :)

  13. wow you look amazing, Annika! :) so glad you're back!
    if I may ask, what size is your sweater? I'm thinking on buying one for myself but I'm having serious doubts when it comes to size, I'd be super thankful if you could give me a reference! Thank you!! :)

    1. hi ester! I got a size medium, and it's a fairly relaxed fit. my size is on my "about" page if you didn't know already so you can compare! Any more questions, just ask :)

    2. Hi! Thank you so much for your quick reply! :) I just ordered a sweater, hopefully it will fit me well :) thanks!

  14. Love the sweater! I think it would be preety amazing if you could DIY something like that. But instead of a sweater, you could put funky pattern patches on the knees of denim leggings. I would love to try my idea but I just don't have the time. If you like, could you give it a try?


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