Friday, 30 November 2012

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

This is possibly the third post on my blog that I've named after a Queen song. Haha.. However I'm going to go right out there and unashamedly state that I love Queen. I have so many good memories from every party ever in my teenager years dissolving into long Queen medleys (particularly Bohemian Rhapsody), that hearing a song by them never fails to bring a smile to my face. Plus, Bicycle Race is awesome.
Anyone else secretly love Queen (or at least have a soft spot)?

skirt - c/o Oasap
top - c/o Oasap
ring - c/o Oasap
socks - Tutuanna
sunflower clips - the Little Pineneedle
shoes - Label Shoes c/o Chictopia

Speaking of bikes, and seguing into some science, did you know that while physicists can build a telescope to see what elements made up the early universe and accelerate particles to the speed of light in gigantic underground tunnels, they don't really know how bicycles work?? It was thought to be for many years either the gyroscopic effect, or the caster effect, but it's been shown through building bicycles that either don't have or counteract these forces that bikes still work without these forces. A bike will keep moving without its rider as long as its accelerated constantly, but as for why... scientists still don't have the answer. I think it's pretty amazing that science has been able to tell us so much and contribute such a great amount to our lives (I mean, computers?! Internet? Medicine? Our much increased life spans? The human genome project? The LHC?!!) but we don't know how bicycles work! Got to love that.

Anyway, I should also mention that I have a bunny rabbit ring. And it's awesome.
Hope you're all having a beautiful week! It's summer tomorrow, eek! (Sorry, Northern Hemisphere :( )


  1. Your outfits are too adorable! Do you catch any slack from fellow science classmates for dressing so snazzy? I always feel so out of place, the labs at my school are filled with jeans and hoodies :(
    The bicycle thing is fascinating! I'd imagine the moment of inertia or maybe how the weight is evenly divided in the bike may enable to continue without it's rider.. hmm. If I didn't have so much homework I'd go look it up!
    And hurray for Queen!

    1. No, they either don't mention it (because they don't care about clothes I guess) or say I look nice :) I go to a pretty trendy-trendy uni though, so a lot of people dress up, even science students. Aw you sound like you know what you're talking about more than me, maybe you could figure it out (if it weren't for homework!) Show those lazy physicists up ;) haha

  2. i am a huge queen fan! for the longest time Don't stop me now was one of my fave songs, i still adore it! i love the outfit btw it's so adorable!
    Cheers annika

  3. You are so cute! I love the black lipstick.. and those flatforms are too kawaii for words!

  4. i really, really love that bicycle shirt. and also your hair... i just ordered some of my own :P

  5. Lovely. ^^ I love every part of this outfit.

  6. Love "Queen", love your outfit!
    The ring is a cutie :)

  7. Ah I adore this outfit! It's so cute, i love how you put it together... particularly lusting over that tshrt!

  8. how can anyone who appreciates music not like queen? freddie mercury was probably one of the awesomest vocalists ever!! :D

  9. This look is really pretty, I wish I could have a T-shirt with a bicycle on it!

  10. You look gorgeous, Annika! This is so, so adorable!


  11. Shame on me; I've never really listen to Queen's songs. Okay, right after this message, I'll go to youtube ;)

    That's pretty amazing to think that it's summer in the other part of the world (well, the other part for my point of view ;) But even when it's winter in Australia, it's not that cold no ?

    Waw, I didn't know that bicycles were still a mystery !! So the guy who invented it should be prouder than Bill Gates !

    on Couleur Spleen.

  12. Love the outfit (and Queen) ! I especially like the cute bicycle tee.


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