Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Heart You Back

I love any item of clothing with hearts someway incorporated into it. I'm pretty sure that no one could find any item of clothing or any accessory that would be an exception to this rule. Anything with hearts = awesome. Anything.
Another thing - Someone please nominate me for a blog post title award. They're just too good and only getting better. "I heart you back?" Amazing! I must be some kind of literary genius!

dress - c/o Romwe
tights - c/o Choies
bag - c/o Choies
belt - Vintage

Science factoid for the day: This amazing representation of the blood vessels inside the human head.
I figured this related to my outfit because of the heart-shaped back of my dress. Heart = pumps blood = blood vessels carry said blood around body, including the head. YEAH.
Who knew you had so many blood vessels running around up there? The ones in the brain area don't surprise me so much, but the incredible amount of blood vessels around the face and front of the skull? I had no idea.

Much love,


  1. love the classic black and red colour scheme! and how well the tattoo tights go with your dress! =D


  2. Wow that blood vessel model is really cool. I almost didn't realize it had the face part on it until you mentioned it!
    Also, your heart back dress is adorable. I love things with hearts on it too. Hearts and bows...and polka dots. Pretty much anything ridiculously cute.

  3. Here: Have the first Becky Award for Great Blog Titles :)


  4. Your tights are so perfect! And the blood vessels...woah. I was blown away back in high school when I saw the Bodies exhibit, most of all by the nervous and circulatory systems, when they were isolated from the rest of the body. So intricate and beautiful. It reminds me of coral, or moss. We all kind of follow the same patterns no matter simple or complex.

  5. I'm loving the science factoids of the day! And those tights are so rad, in fact your whole outfit is!

  6. I really like this look! <3 It's pretty awesome. Every little piece is so amazing <3. Especially I love your dress and tights <3 :) Love it!

  7. That is soosososos cute! love the tights especially! super cute!


  8. oh so cute! from one science nerd to another, that blood vessel representation is awesome!

  9. You would have loved this Animals Inside Out exhibition! Keep a look out as it might travel around. Shark made only of blood vessels? EXTRAORDINARY :)


    1. Awww yeah anatomy! That is awesome. That shark is amazing, and the elephant! Did you go??

  10. Hiya !

    I have a giveaway on my blog, check it out !!!!


    and love your tights by the way

  11. Okay the post title IS amazing! I nominate! For something! You're dress is adorable as well :)


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