Saturday, 3 November 2012

Burgandy, Black and Theoretical Physics

all vintage except for shoes (c/o Chictopia), hat & sweater (wholesale)

For today's interesting science related factoid, here is a photo of a very dapper young scientist. Now 70 years old, he is one of the most brilliant physicists of all time. Can anyone guess who this is (before cheating and looking at the answer at the bottom of the photo?)
Yep, it's Stephen Hawking, at around the age of 21. He was some seriously babin' geekiness. In addition, he is of course one of the most incredible theoretical physicists of all time. You should also definitely read A Brief History of Time - I am about halfway through and it is mind-blowing.

Hope you're all doing wonderfully,


  1. I knew that was Stephen Hawking! Woohoo, I was right! My partner is a big science geek but I've never been very good at it so I'm pleased to know that!


  2. that skirt is gorgeous, love the colour combo of blue and burgundy :) Stephen Hawking was definitely a babe xx

  3. Adorable. I love especially sweater and skirt.

  4. i am normally not a fan of black lipstick, but you actually pull it off so well here! it looks great with the outfit.

    lindsey louise

  5. you look extremaly good <3. love this :) you are too perfect, seriously :)!

  6. Oh wow, Hawking! What great innovation it is to see the technology he uses to communicate. I am obsessed with Ancient Aliens long before the show came on, so I am definitely a fan of Hawking. :)

    I am following you now (found you throughKailey)! What a cuuute blog!

  7. I guessed correctly! Woo! I think it's because I watched a biography of him over the summer.
    Anyway, the black lipstick is so much fun and I just love your sweater. It's a perfect color for fall and the dotted skirt is adorable paired with it.

  8. I guessed right! But only because I just saw a cute picture of his wedding the other day on tumblr.

    Love your color combination!


  9. I loooove that sweater!
    xo Heather

  10. so much character in your photos & styles ;)

    Eros (

  11. I love the way how you look like !

  12. Hi Annika! First of all, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your sense of style. Secondly, I want you to know how much you inspire me! I really want to change my style now that I'm out of high school and have moved to a big city for Uni. I hope that I can find the courage to dress like I really want! Ok, I'll stop babbling now. I was wondering if you ordered half a size down on those sandals like the suggest on the site? I'm a size 7 on sandals and a 7 1/2 on shoes. What's your opinion?


    1. Aww man:) way too nice.
      Yep I ordered half a size down and they fit perfectly. I'm normally a 8 1/2 in shoes and I got an 8. Word of advice about these shoes - wear bandaids on your heels if you're planning on wearing them all day. The strap cuts into your heel a bit if you decide to run for a bus in them, like I did. And my heels have still not healed, haha. But they are fricken amazing shoes :)

  13. Thanks a bunch for the advice Annika :)


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