Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pink is actually anti-green

Hello beautiful blog readers! I'm super excited to introduce you to an Australian label that I started working with just last week - Faith & Lola. They make some seriously gorgeous dresses, and I am a little bit (actually, a lot) smitten with this lacey, neon, puffy-skirted, backless pink number. They're a small label so they don't have their own online store, however you can pick their stuff up from here (and you can find this particular dress right here).
Also (alert: science nerd-dom) it may interest you to know that the pink you are seeing in these photos doesn't actually exist (see the end of this post).
dress - c/o Faith & Lola
tights - c/o Choies
bag - c/o Choies
shoes - Rubi Shoes
necklace - c/o Oasap

So in case you were interested in where my odd post title came from, check this video out. Minute physics explains why pink doesn't actually exist, and should in fact be called minus-green. Watch this, then go look at the pink dress again and totally freak out. Or at least think "hmm. That's cool I guess." This is why science is amazing.

(If that fascinated you, I post stuff like that on my sciencey blog all the time. You should go check it out.)

Much love,

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Porcelain Doll

I decided to make a creepy broken porcelain doll version of my outfits. As I said in my last post, we don't do Halloween here (well, not really anyway), so this outfit is just for you guys :) And also possibly because I'm procrastinating on starting my study for exams. 

I'm so, so bad at doing make up, but I managed to do this whole thing with a broken eyeshadow palette I've had since I was 10, and an eyeliner from Oasap (which was actually really good because it's got a thin, hard brush so I could draw on the cracked lines really easily). I also made my eyes look super gigantic by using white eyeshadow underneath my eyes and then drawing an eyeliner line just below it. Maybe this will inspire someone to do something similar for their own outfit, who knows.

blouse - Vintage
skirt - Wholesale
hat - Wholesale
eyeliner - c/o Oasap

And keeping with the idea that I'm a small, old porcelain doll, here's a teeny tiny sewing machine that this porcelain doll alter-ego of mine would sew her clothes on. *spooky*

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vintage Vampire

Happy Halloween my northern hemisphere friends! We really don't do Halloween here, although there were some Halloween parties going on this weekend.  Oktoberfest is something that is just as big as Halloween here, and the two always tend to clash. It's pretty funny though - you end up with a lot of zombies drinking steins in lederhosen. As for myself, I went to a warm, sunny, daytime summer festival instead of a halloween party. There were a lot of zombies though, boogie-ing along to oom-pah bands. Oh, Australia. You beautiful, multicultural place.

So for this look, I put black lipstick and a black dress on intending to be all monochrome and gothy for a Halloween look. But, being me, I had to add some (a teeny, tiny, infintesimely small amount of) colour to my outfit, and that came in the form of these floral tights and vintage blazer. So I ended up being a kind of weird amalgmation of a vintage vampire. I think it ended up working well though. It probably makes more sense than lederhosen zombies.

dress - c/o Romwe
tights - c/o Romwe
necklace - c/o Oasap
blazer - Vintage
belt - Vintage
hat - Rubi Shoes

One more thing - my Glamorous giveaway ends in about 1 and half days. Go ahead and enter here (if you want to)!

Much love and Happy Halloween!


If you happened to follow my blog a year ago (unlikely that's any of you reading this, I think about 10 people did at that point, haha), then you might recognise this dress. It was one of my very first DIY's - from the time before I got my sewing machine! I remember doing it, it took me about 5 years of planning and then another 6 years to complete (exaggeration. But it took several hours) which is kind of ridiculous-seeming now. You have to start somewhere I guess!
dress - Vintage + DIY
necklace - c/o OASAP
bag - Vintage
shoes - Vintage
You can also see the really bad DIY instructions I wrote for it here (gee I'm good at selling myself).


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thunderbolts & Lightning, very very frightening (me)!

I should win some kind of award for my awesome blog post titles. They just get cooler and cooler. Today's is brought to you by Queen.
But anyway these tights - oh these tights. They're so preetty. I could have probably easily DIY'd some myself like this, although coloured paint never seems to work as well. Plus, painting tights takes forever, as anyone who ever tried my DIY painted tights tutorials would know. And I'm lazy/crazy busy with uni right now. So pretty tights with all the work already done is just fine by me.
dress - Chicabooti
hat - c/o Oasap
tights - c/o Oasap
shoes - Rubi Shoes
belt - vintage

Oh hey, I have a new hat on ;) unfortunately, my boyfriend promptly decided that he really liked this hat (and it did look really good on him, so...) so I have had to relinquish my new hat already. Not sure if I'll ever get it back to take pictures with! If he ever lets me put a photo of him on my blog, I'll have to try and snap a photo of him wearing it!

Also, I'm really sorry if you've been trying to enter my Glamorous giveaway in the past day or so and it hasn't been working. I've asked rafflecopter what's up with it and hopefully they'll get back to me sometime today! Thank you for everyone who has entered so far though! I'll let you know as soon as it's  up and running again.
*It's working again (as far as I can tell) so if you want to enter, enter here! I've also extended it for a day so extra time to enter!*

I love you guys :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

This is no Modern Romance

So, if you've got a keen eye/follow my blog obsessively, you may notice that I have adopted a slightly different background for my last few posts! Exciting, right??? (No, not really at all.)

I love a number of things about this outfit. The first thing is the ridiculously cool fabric that this dress (courtesy of Mod Dolly) is made out of.
A nod to pastels in amongst a spectacular pattern. I definitely approve. (The dress is on sale if you want to get yourself one!)

The second is these amazing tights. Pretty sure patterned tights don't get any better than this.
And the third - my amazing new boots. Guess how long I've wanted bright pink docs? 
About 3 years. And finally, they are mine! (They're not real docs unfortunately. But they will do.)

dress - c/o Mod Dolly
boots - Raben Footwear
tights - c/o OASAP
socks - c/o Sock Dreams
bag - c/o Wholesale
Necklace - c/o OASAP

Much love!

p.s. Modern Romance - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Monday, 22 October 2012

Crouching tiger, hidden lion

This is quite easily the lamest blog post title ever. I named it so because I'm wearing a lion print but he's hidden under my sweater... haha. Hidden lion... Whatever. It's cool, I'm cool, get over it, okay.
So, I have yet another animal-printed body-con dress from Romwe to show you! This one has a big wise-looking lion on the front of it! I love these dresses so much. They are really seriously great for summer, they're so light but fun to wear. But then, you can also pair them with a cropped sweater, a blouse and some tights, kind of like I have above, to turn it into a pretty autumn outfit.
dress - c/o Romwe
collar clips - Ebay
blouse - Vintage
sweater - Vintage
shoes - Vintage
bag - Vintage

p.s. if you didn't see the Glamorous giveaway posted here earlier today, go and check it out!

A Glamorous Giveaway (CLOSED)

Happy Monday everyone! I haven't had a giveaway here in such a long time. (I am a bad blogger). So today, Glamorous UK are going to give away an item of clothing to one of my blog readers!
The winner will be sent a list of clothing from Glamorous to choose from, like this paisley sweater, this tribal print dress or these leather pants, and will be able to redeem the prize in their size. This giveaway is open internationally and you have 1 week (the 29th of October) to enter!
Enter below:
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Hope you're all having a beautiful day!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cadillac Print Swimsuit

I normally wouldn't post photos of myself in a swimsuit on my blog, but I had to make an exception for this ridiculously cool one-piece. Particularly because it is still on sale at asos - I think I got it for about $25. Which is too amazing for words.

Not only is it a ludicrously cool swimsuit, but because it's a one-piece it can also become a ludicrously cool top with a pair of high waisted shorts.
(I still don't understand how there was thick snow here precisely one week ago. I am actually going for a swim this morning because it's that hot.)
Word of warning about this swimsuit if you're thinking of getting it - it doesn't come with built in bra cups. I had to sew some in (I cut up an old bra to do this) but that worked really well! You could also cut open the lining in the bodice and insert some of those swimming top insert things. But just so you know ;)

one-piece - Asos
shorts - c/o Wholesale
necklace - c/o Oasap
shoes - Raben footwear

Hope you're all super swell.
And here is an awesome song about Cadillacs (by Modest Mouse).

Friday, 19 October 2012

Love is a Place

I am absolutely head over heels for this dress. Heart boobs = awesome. It's also inspired me to create a similar DIY sometime in the future so watch out for that ;)
So, I haven't posted here since Saturday! That's almost a whole week! Uni has been really full-on the last few days but I now finally get a breather - somewhat of a breather, anyway. Yesterday I had a four-hour-long exam. Did you know that four-hour-long exams really suck? Just in case you were operating under the assumption that a four hour exam sounded like a super fun thing to do. But anyway, it's behind me now, and I have a few free days to take a billion outfit pictures and maybe even do a little bit of sewing! I'm also seeing Noel Fielding do a stand-up show this weekend, which I have to say I am pretty damn excited for!
dress - c/o Oasap
clutch (it's actually a pencil case. shh) - Zipper Magazine
hat - c/o Wholesale
socks - Wholesale
shoes - Wholesale

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Summer Skin

In stark contrast to my post from yesterday... here's an extremely summery outfit. And tomorrow it will be warm enough to actually wear this. Let's remember that we had thick snow yesterday. I don't understand Australian seasons at all.
shirt - c/o Oasap
shorts - Asos
shoes - Label Shoes c/o Chictopia
socks - Tutuanna
Hope you're all having a gorgeous, sunny weekend!