Friday, 14 September 2012

Zebra Safari

After getting this amazing photographic printed dress (from Romwe) the other day, I decided I was going to theme my entire outfit as a zebra safari. To accomplish that I donned this sunny yellow cardigan from Modcloth, which is kind of representative of the sunshine reflecting off grassy plains, and this map-print bag. My whole outfit reminded me of an old-school adventure tale from the 1950s about an explorer gallivanting around African savannahs.
dress - c/o Romwe
tights - c/o Oasap
bag - Wholesale
hat - c/o Wholesale
shoes - Rubi Shoes

Also, this is probably incredibly lame, BUT I was really excited about it:
I totally had a mention in GL Magazine. A real life magazine! Thanks so much Tori for mentioning me in her magazine feature, and letting me know about it!

So guess what - my 1 week of uni holidays are coming up and I'm itching to make some clothes and pretty things and then share them all with you guys! You can tell when I don't have full-on uni when half my posts become DIY posts (check out my archives from July, haha). I can't wait!


  1. aahhhhh this is so great! I love the zebra, and I really like the overall colour combo:)

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    1. Negative comments are banished from this page, dude. If you don't have anything nice or at least constructive to say then just.. don't.

  3. Oooh my congratulations for now being able to say you're in magazine print! That is such an incredible accomplishment :D

  4. This outfit is great! I love the story you can tell with it! And congrats on the feature woooo!


  5. GIRL, you look fabulous! I am digging this hair. :D Your purse is also fantastic.

    And congratulations for the magazine mention!!! I would be freaking out, haha. :)

  6. You look so cute! Love the zebra on your dress. It's so sick :D

    Congrats on the magazine mention!!

    xx maggie

  7. Congrats!! That's so awesome.

    I am loving that dress.

  8. WOW, that is a fantastic look. I love all the colors!

  9. I loved that purse and your fantastic look :)By the way congratulations for the magazin mention :)

  10. you are not lame! it's a great news ! congrats! i'm still shocked cus one very important lady in polish fashion wrote artickle about me and i'm still excited as hell :)!!!

    you look awesome. love your cardigan!

  11. You look REALLY pretty today. Is it the eye makeup? Or the hair/lippy colour combo? Anyway - gorgeous.

    V exciting to be mentioned to get a mention in a mag. :)


  12. You look perfect ! I love all the pieces especially the dress & the bag !

    (F/M Giveaway on my blog)

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  13. YOu are looking great! White tights, I've always had a really hard time styling them! But they look perfect here! Congrats!!!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  14. Yay for that mention how cool...totally true by the way you are too cool for school! What a fabulous outfit never would I think to put those items together, but you make it work!!

  15. Oh goodness, that dress is gorgeous!

  16. I found your blog through Girl's Life magazine! :)PS I love this outfit!

  17. This outfit is so cool! You look great ;) and congratz on the magazine!

  18. that's so cool! your cotton candy pink hair, stark white leggings and rando zebras :) congrats on the mag feature!

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia style
    blog sale

  19. This is actually how I found your blog =P!

  20. That is so cool to be mentioned in a magazine! How fun! I also love this outfit. The zebra dress is fantastic and I love how you themed this outfit around a safari.

  21. Ugh I am so jealous of how cool you always look. Loving this outfit especially!



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