Sunday, 9 September 2012

Rocking Horse

dress - Vintage
necklace - c/o Oasap
tights - c/o Oasap
socks - Tutuanna
shoes - Rubi Shoes
hat - c/o Wholesale

A great way to ward off boredom (and a great way to procrastinate) when I'm studying is to ditch the study and go and dress up instead. (Great, Annika. If you're bored of studying, stop studying. Wise words of wisdom.) Anyway, dressing up is SO much fun with these awesome tights that I've been collecting (thanks to Oasap), and a pretty pastel pink princess dress doesn't hurt either. Nor does a wig.

I don't actually go out in public like this. Well, not exactly like this. I wish I had the courage to. I'll wear the dress and tights, but not my wig, or high heels. People tend to stare at me strangely when I go out all super dooper dressed up. I wish I lived in a magical city where when people dress up, they go all the way. And no one looks at you oddly for dressing up just to go do the shopping. Who wants to move with me to fashion utopia land? It would be quite nice.

p.s., Rocking Horse - The Dead Weather.


  1. Positively perfect Annika ♡

  2. Whenever I need fashion inspiration, one of the blogs I go to is yours. Love your dress and tights! And yes, dressing up makes a nice interlude. :)


  3. You should totally go out like that! You look stunning! Who cares if people look?


  4. Already packed and ready to join you in fashion utopia land :) But I have to agree with you, I wish I also had the courage to wear more daring outfits in public. Never forget to dress for YOU and not what other people expect you to wear. xxx

  5. you have such an amazing style,totally cute !

  6. LOVE your outfit and LOVE that song! I sometimes get odd looks when I go out in crazy clothes. When I used to live in a university town, no one looked at me twice because they just thought 'aah students', but now I live somewhere grown up I get looked at like I'm mental/escaped from the 1970s. Aah well ;)

  7. I know what you mean. I feel stupid when I go out wearing high heels. You know, I'm 21 but I look like 12 and people look at me like I was an idiot lol |: and yeah. But this outfit is LOVELY <3 love it, but you already know it:)

  8. You look so beautiful in pink dresses! *-*
    I love this outfit and it's a shame that people have the need to drop bitchy comments about anyone who's just a tiny bit more unique. ><" But haters gonna hate, you shouldn't let them limit you in what you wear! ;3

  9. That dress is an amazing vintage find!

  10. you look brilliant! For years I have worn clothes my way, but keeping it "acceptable" in order to avoid outrageous looks, but as time has gone past I have learnt to ignore all the stares. I will wear exactly what I please, when I please it, and whoever doesn't like it, can just stare and think I am crazy... 'cause I don't care! ;)
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way
    Ps. Looove that song! Had never heard of them! x

  11. so would join you at fashion utopia...i usually tend to smile lots or even laugh when people looks at me oddly... but it'd be nice if people would just don't stare as if you been puked out of wonderland

    and i'm so jealous of your tights collection, those rea really awesome

  12. Aw people would stare at me all the time when I walked around campus. It's gotten a little better this past year or so though. So I understand. But I don't let it bother me. They're just boring, that's all!
    You look wonderful in this outfit and you could definitely wear it in public! Those heels look so cute with your adorable pink dress. I'm loving those cool tights too.

  13. You should totally go out like that! So pretty. I sometimes felt weird going out with my wigs but people don't notice it's fake at all haha.

  14. So cute!! Love the wig + the leggings!!


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