Thursday, 27 September 2012

Back To Cool Campaign Remix #2

Hola everybody! So I was originally intending on making this three separate posts like my last Back to School Remix (see it here if you missed it!), but my boyfriend's sister has just gone into labour with her second baby girl, and I am going to be on call to look after the first little one (which I love doing anyway because she's probably the cutest little lady ever.) So I'm going to have to post all these in one go as I may not be around too much in blogland for the next few days. 
For this second back to school style remix, I have remixed this super, super cute heart printed dress from the Chictopia Shop's sale (and the dress is still available here).

Here's the details of each outfit!
Remix 2.1: A simple satchel, a boater hat, lace socks and some oxfords. My go-to look whenever I'm dressing casually. For anyone who knows me, this is kind of my "default" look, haha. I usually just switch up the dress and bag but the rest stays the same.
dress - Awwdore c/o Chictopia Shop, bag - Vintage, shoes - Raben footwear, ring - gift from Awwdore

Remix 2.2: I threw a cropped crochet sweater on over the dress and donned these incredible tights from oasap. For authenticity, I am carrying a folder - and that's my real school folder as well, full of all my chemistry work from this semester, woo!
dress - Awwdore c/o Chictopia shop, sweater - Forever 21, belt - vintage, tights - c/o Oasap, shoes - Label Shoes c/o Chictopia Shop

Remix 2.3: When you have a dress with such a lightweight chiffon skirt, it's really easy to hide it up in some high-waisted shorts and turn it into a cute little romper outfit. This is what I did for my third remix. I also threw on those gorgeous gradient tights to match my pink hair, and added a bow to my plait for some over-the-top near-pukeworthy kitchyness.

dress - Awwdore c/o Chictopia shop, shorts - Cotton On, tights - Choies c/o Chictopia shop, bag - c/o Oasap, bow - DIY

Chictopia, you're basically the best ever for letting me work with you on your Back to Cool Campaign!! Thank you so much. Go and check out the sale, it's in its last few days!

I hope you're all having a lovely day! I am so excited to see this new little baby girl!! Hopefully everything is going to go fine. I'm probably going to be a bit baby crazy over my next few posts, so please excuse me.


  1. I really like all these outfits for this campaign. I can't decide whether outfit 1 or 3 is my favourite but I think I will just stick with number 1 because it shows of the skirt of the dress and I think it's very nice.

  2. I love the cropped sweater with the collar of the dress peeking out, and also those ombre tights are to die. love love.

  3. Wow, perfect! The second outfit is my favorite.

  4. I really love all three outfits you created. The dress is beautiful! *-*

  5. This is so gorgeous! I love that blouse and the bow in your hair is so cute.


  6. Haha this is so playful and cute! Also totally eyeing that dress right now from chictopia's shop! I think the third outfit looks groovy but I'm totally in love with all three!

  7. You are too cute, I like last mix :)

  8. Hi! Could you, maybe, check out my blog? I'm kinda new and I know you get a lot of request like this, but said I'd try my luck. :)

  9. you look so cute <3
    anyway, mind to follow each other?

    come and see my blog if u have time

  10. Love your outfit.

  11. They all look great! If I had to pick a top favorite, I think I would choose number 1 but its a tough call! Good luck to your BFs sister and so nice that you are there to support her!
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  12. Whoa! What an amazing outfits is that? I love all those outfits; wishing someday that I will collect just like those kind of clothes collections.Thanks for sharing this and keep on posting.


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