Saturday, 7 July 2012

Three Quick Questions with Kathy Noto

It is time for another interview with an up-and-coming blogger!
Check out the last "Three Quick Questions" (and the idea behind this series) with Leila Chatti here.
This month's gorgeous interviewee is Kathy Noto from My Peach Days.

Q. How long do you spend getting ready and putting together an outfit every morning?

A. Not that long, I guess. I work from home so I only get the chance to dress up on the weekends. More often than not, I already have an outfit planned. During the week, I plan an outfit and put the clothes up on a hanger so I won't forget (I sometimes even hang the bags and socks I'm going to use). When I do that, it only takes a few minutes to dress up (unless I do something elaborate with my hair, which I don't these days).

On the other hand, there are days when I'm no longer in the mood to wear the outfit I planned so I usually have to spend more than 15 minutes, rummaging my closet and mixing and matching clothes. I have a pretty small closet so it's not easy to check out all my stuff because they're all buried in there. I usually end up having a pile of discarded clothes when I’m done. Not a pretty sight. 

I recently came up with a solution. These days, whenever I clean my closet, I take photos of ensembles. I put together some outfit ideas before putting them back in my closet and take photos of them. I store the photos in my computer in a folder called "outfit ideas". lol!

Q. Do you let runway fashion influence your style at all? Do you care at all about high fashion?

A. Truth is, I usually do not go out of my way to check out runway fashion. I do a lot of blog hopping and just check out runway trends featured there. While I do like high fashion like the next girl, I gravitate more towards fashion I can relate to, something wearable and affordable (which is why thrifting works for me). I'd say personal style bloggers influence me more than runway fashion.

Q. If you had a bazillion dollars and access to any kind of clothes you wanted... what would you wear? Do you think you would stick with thrifted garments?

A. If I have an inexhaustible supply of money, I'd probably wear something like the clothes from the Alice McCall S/S 2012 collection. I was blog hopping once when I saw a feature on their collection. It was breathtaking! But I'd be just as happy wearing garments from ModCloth, Chicwish or The White Pepper. I think I'd spend more money buying stuff from mainstream brands rather than high end brands just because I want my style to be relatable. I don’t mind other people wearing expensive brands but I cringe at the idea of me giving off some sort of elitist vibe.
I'd definitely still do a lot of thrifting. Thrifting is more than just saving money. There's a whole load of unique items there - stuff you probably won't see other people wearing. Thrifted garments, to me, have more character. They have a story to tell which makes every ensemble charming. Plus, it's one way to cut back on fossil fuel so I'm good with that. Even if I’m incredibly rich, I’d still be an advocate of thrifting. 

Kathy's blog is full of the cutest outfits that she has put together, and has even done a pretty sweet DIY (see those lace shorts in the photo above? She made them!). Go and have a squiz at her super sweet blog if you have the chance!

xxx Annika


  1. She is so lovely! I do exactly the same with my clothes- I have an "Outfit Ideas" folder too!


  2. oh I didn't know her blog but now I really must go and take a peak! thanks for sharing, Annika :)

  3. I did't know her, I'm gonna take a look at her blog! Thanks for the enterview!

  4. thanks for the feature Annika! I love how you presented it. <3


  5. Great questions with great answers. I shall definitely be following her blog after this snippet :D


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