Saturday, 3 March 2012

DIY Swan Sweater & Velvet Skirt!

Hello! This post today has three purposes. The first is to show you this DIY Swan Sweater! The second is to show off this velvet circle skirt I made yesterday! And the third is to show off these gorgeous ballerina tights c/o Oasap!

Sweater - DIY (& vintage)
Skirt - I made it!
Tights - (here)
Shoes - (here)
Blouse - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Hat - here
Bag - Vintage

A swan sweater, a velvet circle skirt and ballerina tights. Three things that I've  desperately wanted/had my eye on for ages - and now mine! So I threw them all together in an outfit. Hooray!

Keep an eye out for the full DIY for both the Swan Sweater and the Circle skirt in the next couple of days!

Much love!

xxx Annika


  1. Cannot wait for the circle skirt tutorial! I've been looking for a velvet circle skirt myself, and have been completely unsuccessful in my endeavor. I love your look, the tights are so cute!

    xx maggie

  2. I love all of your DIYs! Gives me so much inspiration. I've been dying for some more skirts, need to definitely add some to my wardrobe. Can't wait for your tutorial!

  3. You seriously make the best DIYs! xx

  4. Love the outfit! That sweater is amazing! I can't wait to see the full DIY! All of your projects are so amazing and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your DIY's are always so adorable.
    I've been dying for a velvet skirt for ages!

  6. You should take orders for this stuff. You are amazing. The swan jumper is ace!

  7. SO cute! I can't wait to see the DIYs!

  8. such a darling diy look

  9. What an awesome bargain!!


  10. How INCREDIBLE! You never cease to amaze me with your quirky looks - not to mention creative flair!
    Very much looking forward to the tutorials ♡

  11. YOU MADE THAT SKIRT??? i've wanted a velvet skirt for ages...gahhh i need to see how you did this! :)
    I'm so glad I found your blog...*NEW FOLLOWER YEEEEAHHH
    Follow me on CHICTOPIA

  12. I love that skirt! I personally hate the velvet trend but you definitely pull off that skirt.

    And those tights are incredible. I'm definitely checking out OASAP and getting those soon.

  13. Your DIY skirt looks way better than AA's. Can't wait to learn how to make it!

  14. love ur tagline, "why buy when you can diy?" it's so true! i just made a chained necklace this weekend i will blog about soon! i followed u! please follow back! :)

  15. Your blog is so cool!!

  16. You are so cute! I love your hair!


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