Friday, 2 March 2012

DIY Heart Sweater

I’m basically going through half of my clothes and DIY updating them. This stripey sweater was looking very lonely and unloved, sitting at the back of my closet – so I added this red fabric heart to the front, and now it can be worn many more times – it’s almost a brand new piece! That’s what I love about DIYing your clothes: you can update your whole wardrobe just by adding a few quirky details to pieces here and there.

Sweater - DIY
Skirt - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Rubi Shoes
Socks - Vintage

How I did it:

1. Choose your sweater and fabric for your heart
2. Draw HALF a love heart on your fabric with a pen.
3. Then pin the fabric together in half and cutout (this will ensure the heart is symmetrical!)

4. Wearing your sweater (but nothing else underneath, or you will attach pins to everything!), pin the heart where you think it should go. Carefully take your sweater off, and then lay flat and properly pin the heart to the sweater.

5. Using a close zigzag stitch, go all the way around your heart in a similar colour thread (or black thread, if you want it to stand out), and you're done! Make sure you're not sewing through both the front and back of the sweater when you do this as well!

I went over my heart a few times to make sure it was well attached. Alternatively if you don't have a sewing machine, hand stitches also look quite effective (and should work just as well, if you have a bit more patience! But be wary: if your heart fabric easily frays, you will need to go around the outside quite a few times!)


Annika xxx


  1. so cute! I love all your clothing updates.

  2. This looks amazing now, love the DIY :D Still loving your bird silhouettes too :) xx

  3. yet another terrific DIY. the skirt suits extremely well. I'm craving a pleated midi, but no op shops have blessed me with one thus far. the heart is an adorable addition

  4. Dolly, everything about these pics are awesome.

  5. This outfit is extremely sweet. You look lovely!

    Emily Wears Things

  6. Awesome DIY! I might do this one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


  7. so cute! such a suh-weet sweater

  8. hahaha, I've got very similar blouse (stripes+heart) but I bought it like that.
    Your ideas are amazing :)

  9. such a pretty fashionable idea, I love it!

  10. Love it :) follow me ;)

  11. I LURVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! So pretty...


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