Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thrifting Heaven

Yesterday, I brought back the most AMAZING haul from a thrift store. I usually don't bother boring you all with my thrift store adventures, as they're usually pretty uneventful. Yesterday though, I had the best luck. It was probably the best thrifting I've ever done. I owe it all to an op shop that I've never been to before (and will try my hardest to keep the whereabouts of all to myself ;) ), but will now be making into one of my regular stops. It's so rare for it to happen these days, but you know when you go into a thrift store and it's run by really old ladies who are super sweet but really don't understand the value of vintage clothing/haven't sold out to the vintage trend like ALL the other op shops? And so they don't realise that an amazing velvet/lace bodycon dress or pleated chiffon blouse or multi-toned perforated brogues should be worth WAY more than $5? And no one else knows about this op shop because it's kind of hidden and kind of hard to get to? And hipsters have also yet to discover this place because it's located in an extremely untrendy suburb? WELL. That's exactly what happened here. I found an amazing little treasure trove of cheap, undiscovered amazingness. These are the beautiful things that I brought back home with me, very, very excitedly (my mum was like: um, Annika, are you ok? Why are you shaking??)

On top of this, I also bought a length of black velvet fabric, a length of navy velvet fabric, some floral print black fabric and some light coloured paisley fabric, each being only 50c! They'll be going straight to a DIY project ;)
Best thrifting day out.
Love you all!

Annika xxx


  1. Lucky girl! I went shopping yesterday, but wasn't even half as lucky as you!! Very nice brogues! I would paint them with glitter!! x Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  2. Wow you have some amazing buys, I'm in love with your brogues!
    I found a shop just like how you described, then word got around and more people shopped there and the price of everything has doubled :( Lets hope it doesn't happen to your shop!

  3. The blouses, the dress and the cardigan are driving me wild. How bloody ace are thrift (op) shops? My wardrobe is at least 50% thrifted, I reckon. I go through stages - atm I have gone CRAZY on old school prints for my walls.


    PS Your hair is looking areally pretty colour.

  4. Wow, I love the brogues! And the belts, and the skirt and...
    Okay, I love al the clothes :)

  5. Oooh pretty brogues! I like them lots. Your hair is looking fiiine.

  6. I think I just fell in love with every article of clothing featured on your blog. I want them all..

    found the route

  7. What a lucky lady! I wouldn't tell anyone the location either :] The brogues are perfect.

  8. I was just saying that I couldn't pull off blue hair but it looks amazing on you! Great finds too!

  9. woowheee!! you gots some good stuff! jello!

  10. WOW! Those are all super great finds! I LOVE those brogues and that first blouse. Lucky you!!

  11. that dress! i'd die for that dress!

  12. Annika I just love your blog so much! Your hair is so pretty and I always look forward to all your DIY projects ;D

    Jennifer xx


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