Wednesday, 22 February 2012

DIY Knee Patches & Vintage Dresses

I bought this vintage dress for $5 from a small vintage boutique in Newtown, Sydney the other day. Isn't it incredible? It's basically perfect. Well, it was after I shortened it (it was considerably longer when I bought it, reaching the most awkward dress length at mid-calf. It's either got to be floor-length or very short, when I'm choosing a dress!) and washed (well, scrubbed, a lot) a suspicious stain off the collar. Ahh well, it's not proper thrifting until you can bring back stories about suspicious stains and the like! And there's also a button missing that I have to find a replacement for. Still: $5!!

Ahh.. and I forgot to iron it. That's a little embarrassing.

And these below are some cream knee-high socks that I added knee-patches to. I think they're pretty cute! I hand-stitched these because I thought it suited the fabric.

And my rings! (I took photos of everything today, so you can see all the pretty details.)


Dress - Vintage
Bag - Vintage
Necklace - here
Elk Ring - here
Cat Ring - Vintage
Shoes - here
Socks - Tutuanna (Japan) and DIY'd
Hat - From Markets in Osaka

This outfit is just one in 4 in which I'm remixing this vintage dress (wearing it 4 different ways). I'm doing a wardrobe remix for the lovely Polly at The Littlest Polly, and am so excited about it! More about that to come!

It's embarrassing, and shows just what a new blogger I am, that I didn't even know what a wardrobe remix was until Polly explained it to me! But now I've done one... I'm addicted! So keep an eye out for this wardrobe remix in the next few days, and very quite possibly as a regular feature on the Pineneedle Collective!

I hope you have all had/are having a beautiful day, wherever you are!

xxx Annika


  1. What a bargain, the collar on this dress is perfect <3 I love the DIY socks too! xo

  2. Oh my, that dress is adorable! What a bargain!! Also those socks are adorable <3

  3. Your look is so pretty!
    I like your style and your blog. I follow you!

  4. love ur outfit!!
    i follow u! follow back?

  5. You did such a good job with the dress and it's an amazing find. In fact, your whole outfit looks adorable :) I loove the socks!

  6. lovely, just lovely, cute and inspiring!

  7. Your DIYs always turn out brilliantly! I love everything about this outfit; especially the hat xxx

  8. Such a bargain! And the dress is adorable!
    Love your DIY socks~

    xx maggie

  9. WOW. An incredible find for only $5!! I love the collar and bow, I am glad the strange stain came out haha. This outfit is adorable on you, I love all the little details :]

  10. Such a gorgeous dress and bargain for only 5 dollars, even if you did have to fix it up. I love what you did with the socks, I did the same but on tights recently!

  11. What a lovely dress! Perfect colors. And those cute heart patches punctuated the romantic look. Love everything!


  12. I loveee you. You are such an inspiration :)))

  13. the color of your hair is stunning<3 also love all of your DIY's.

  14. I can't get over your amazing dress! It has the perfect peter pan collar! such an amazing find for only $5!

  15. Super cute vintage dress, I love what you have done with the length! And the little hearts on your knees, so adorable! Love the blog and your style!


  16. what an amazing blog you've got! so happy to find it! following you now!

  17. Love the dress! I always find really cute vintage dresses but they are so long! I think 'if they were shorter they would be amazing!'. I did consider buying one before and attempting to make it shorter, but I backed out because I didn't think I could do it :P The socks are gorgeous too! Keep up the good work , love your blog :) <3

  18. Those socks are super cute!! I love all your DIY printing original!!

    Love the blog and your hair!!


  19. So adorable! I love the little heart patches.


  20. I would love to find these socks, do you have a link ?

    1. No I got them in japan, sorry (and the hearts are diy'd) although if you look through my outfits I also have quite similar ones from sock dreams, and the links are on those outfits:) xx


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