Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Cat eyes, oh my! + Modcloth loves me & Happy Valentine's Day!

What I wore to uni today! (Slightly valentines themed. Very uni themed. I'm quite nearly unbearably hipsterish, even though I'm pretty sure hipsterish is a word I made up just then.) I'm starting properly in just over a week! Very exciting times.


Dress - Forever 21
Cardigan - Forever 21
Tights - DIY
Bag - Vintage
Collar - DIY
Shoes - Vintage
Ring - ebay
Glasses - ebay
Hat - From Markets in Osaka
Belt - Vintage

Also, I was super excited today, after coming home from a long commute and a long day of studying very studiously, to find that Modcloth loves my DIY tights! MODCLOTH!! LIKES! MY! TIGHTS!
Have you seen the tights they sell on Modcloth? They're incredible! So I was pretty stoked!

Happy Valentines Day,

Annika xxxxx (extra x's because it's Valentines day. Oh yes.)


  1. Cute, cute cute.
    happy Valentine´s day, gorgeous.
    Loving your hair.

  2. Your DIY tights always look amazing! I love your skirt xxx

  3. Gorgeous detailing on your jumper!

  4. I gave you an award over on my blog, come and see! :)


  5. Congrats! Glad to hear that modcloth loves your tights :) it's a love well deserved! they are amazing!

    And I love your outfit, super cute~!

    xx maggie

  6. Modcloth's not the only one loving your tights ;)
    Great look, love all those details, especially lace collar :)

  7. girrrrl you are becoming so e-famous! ;D seriously though, I've seen your picture up on Chictopia and everywhere it seems! So popular! :)

    Also, happy Valentine's Day! I'm hoping to make some tights sometime this next week...wish me luck.

  8. ok your DIY tights are so cute I'm so jealous!


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