Monday, 13 February 2012

Cat eye glasses!

I've been so eagerly awaiting these in the mail - cat eye glasses! And they finally arrived today! For anyone who wants to know where they can get themselves a pair - go here! I just wanted to take a quick photo of them and share them because I am in looooove. Be prepared to start seeing them in a lot of outfit posts! 

(When I was looking at this photo again, the perspective of the shot made it look (to me) like the glasses had taken on a life of their own, and my head of hair was a little cat-eyed blue monster. And it amused me a lot. So I made this.)
I think I've gone mad.

Happy days!
Annika xxx


  1. Haha you're a monster! Awesome. I love cat eye glasses! Can't wait to see them in your outfit pics. :)

  2. I love cat eye glasses too! So feminine :) I have a similar pair too

  3. These glasses add a retro feel to any outfit! :) Love them!

  4. I love them! Great photos too xxx

  5. Cant wait to see you wearing them, they are gorgeous.

  6. "Cat eye glasses, those damn sexy glasses is simply a must have" said my wife. But I agree with her that those glasses are just really sexy.

  7. Hi! I love your glasses and am looking for a pair like them, and when I clicked on the link, the ebay picture had yours and a pair of tom ford glasses. I just wasn't sure if yours are tom fords, because they look kind of different to me, and I just didn't want to order those and have them look totally different than yours. If you get a chance, which brand/designer are your glasses? Sorry if I completely overcomplicated a simple question :)

    1. hey! they're just a completely no-name brand (which is why they were super cheap), so if you click the link through to that ebay page they're just the ones that the lady is wearing, pretty much. I hope that helps.. they are pretty huge though (for my tiny head) so i don't actually wear them very much haha. I wish I had slightly smaller ones!


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