Thursday, 12 January 2012

Vest to Dress DIY

I am realising that this blog is slowly but surely morphing from a fashion blog to a DIY sewing blog. I don't think I mind at all. And I can do both at once! Here's a real quick picture of the dress I made this morning from a vest (it was way too big, or I wouldn't have chopped it up) that I got $1 from Lifeline the other day, and the cream/white fabric was from there too, I got about 2 metres for $2! Pretty good!
hmm.. I really need to iron it too...

Dress - Handmade, materials from Lifeline
Shoes -
Stockings -
Belt - vintage

Have a lovely day everybody!

Annika xxxx


  1. wow you're so creative :) that's a really pretty dress

  2. Whoa, this is awesome!!! I need to learn to sew.

    Mabel Time


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