Friday, 6 January 2012

Set Sail // Sometimes you just want to wear a dress backwards

Sometimes when you buy a dress, you wear it for ages around the right way.

That seems like a pretty obvious statement. Bear with me.

One day, you accidently put it on backwards - and you have a little moment like - Oh my god! I have a new dress! I'm a magician! This looks totally nice wearing it around this way too! And then you wear it around backwards, feeling super chuffed with yourself, because you basically just created a whole new dress from a dress you already had.

Well that's what happened with this cute little boat print dress here. Picked up vintage in Japan, I wore it for ages with the buttons at the front. Then I got bored with it. I thought I had exhausted the possibilities of the dress. I spied it again today at the bottom of my clothes pile, put it on the wrong way in a rush, and was pleasantly surprised that it looked nice, and the buttons going down the back of the dress also worked really well. The last pictures in this post were taken in Japan, showing the dress around the right way too, just so you can get the idea.


Dress - Vintage from Tokyo
Shoes -
Lace Socks - Vintage
Cardigan -
Velvet Bow - DIY
Hair Bow - DIY

I miss Japan! Look at the lovely sunshine! Ahhh....

Hope you're all having a lovely 2012!!

Annika xxxx


  1. Haha how cute! I might be going to Japan at the end of the year, soo excited! Hope it ends up happening. I love your new blog layout!

  2. Woooow! You will have to ask me what shops to go to closer to you going!! I found so many good ones :)) (if you're going to Tokyo/Osaka that is)

  3. I love every single thing you are wearing. Gorgeous, gorgeous. You have an amazing sense of style.


  4. I love your brogues! Your blog is so cute, following:)

  5. Hi. loving your blog. i adore your style so i followed you. lovely dress and shoes. =)

  6. You look great! I really like vintage style. Please check out my blog ;) Hope to see you there!


  7. So many great details in this outfit! Love all of the bows and your frilly socks! Just found your blog through this outfit post on chictopia :-) Hope you are having a lovely new year!



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