Saturday, 7 January 2012

Comptine D'un Autre Ete

Dress -
Collar - Actually a vintage dress from Japan
Key Pocketwatch -
Belt - actually a bag strap
Tights - actually wearing two pairs, both from
Shoes -
Hat - From markets in Osaka

Sometimes my outfit is a little bit of a faker. My belt here, it’s actually a bag strap I detached from an ugly red bag, and my collar is not attached to the blue dress; it’s a collar of a red polka-dot dress which is hidden underneath, flipped out on top of the blue dress (check out the photos of the original dress below). But I didn’t have a red belt to go with this outfit, and I wanted THAT collar but a different dress – so I improvised! And no one has to be the wiser ;) (except for you guys, because I love you!)

 (Also, what do you guys think of the beehive hairdo? My hair is at a very awkward length as I am attempting to grow it long, so I've been putting it up in larger and larger beehives every day.)

And here's photos of the original dress that I stole the collar from.

Collar jacked!

Dresses that already have collars are great to layer because they can make a whole bunch of other dresses look prettier :) However, when you look at how long this red dress is, you can realise how much extra fabric I had to hide up in that blue dress. Not so great if you don't want to look a little bulgier than usual. I tucked it up in a petticoat though, and that seemed to work out.

And just because you're all so super lovely, you can also hype this look on lookbook, or vote for it on chictopia! :)

Much love!
Annika xxx


  1. That is such a lovely collar and a clever way to get more from one dress!

    Loulou Downtown

  2. I am going to tell everybody that the belt is a bag strap! Oohh yeah I'm a dobber, haha. Love the outfit! The bowler hat makes everything a million times cuter. :)

  3. Awww! Didn't know that you went to Osaka! Should have met you! :>> You look really lovely in that outfit btw!

  4. Thank you everyone!
    Hahaha Kirsten :)
    Ashley - I am definitely for sure coming back to Osaka, hopefully within a year! I just fell in love with the place :)

  5. love ur looks,following u :))


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