Friday, 23 December 2011

Tulle Therapy

I had been in hospital for a while when taking these photos (totally trending the hospital tag on my left wrist there), and really over wearing a shapeless white gown everyday. So, out on a day pass, I had to dress up as much as I could to make up for it, and take some photos of course. Dressing up and taking photos helped with the general boringness of being in hospital and sickness. Also, so did DIY. DIY was a great boredom-killer. Making millions of little velvet bows not only helped me to get good at sewing, but I also now have millions of little velvet bows to attach to both clothes and my hair. Win win win!

Hooray for DIY & Tulle Therapy!

Heaps chuffed about my bow and collar, which I DIY'ed up myself.


Tulle Dress -
Petticoats (under dress) -
Socks - Japan (Tutu Anna)
Perforated White Oxfords -
Collar - DIY'ed by me
Jumper - Vintage from Thank You Mart in Japan
Belt - Vintage (Lifeline)
Velvet Bow Hairpine - DIY'ed by myself

You can vote for this outfit on chictopia too if you're feeling particularly lovely!

Annika xxxx


  1. Adorable. Love the colour combo. Have a great Christmas, darl. x

  2. The details in this outfit are outstanding!

  3. Love the last photo with the light hitting it. Beautiful.


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