Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My feet are wearing petticoats too

1. Badge, Vintage
2. Crochet Socks, Tutuanna
3. Vintage Cat Ring, Vintage
6. Maroon Bowler Hat, Markets in Osaka
7. Lace Bustier Bodysuit, $10, Vintage
8. Vintage Hermes Belt, Vintage
9. Floral Patterned Skirt, Forever21
10. White Lace Petticoat, Vintage from Japan

 It's now the 7th un-sunny, un-summery day of summer in Sydney. I was super excited to wear all my summer clothes, but I can't even! What is going on? I got this lace bustier bodysuit yesterday from Vinnies and I reaaaaally like it, I will be wearing it much more when the weather warms the heck up!

Hope you like it too :)


  1. I saw this outfit from Chictopia, and yes the socks definitely matched the whole outfit! It's very cute, and I had to favourite it. : ).

    xx, Crystal


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