Friday, 9 December 2011

Lace & Waves

Pink Lace Blouse - Forever 21
Red Pleated Skirt - Vintage from Japan
Black Boots - Vintage
Lace & Crochet socks - Tutuanna
Bowler Hat - from Markets in Osaka
Orange Satchel Bag - Wholesale Dress
Bowtie - Polka Dot Black and White Bowtie
Pocketwatch - Paddy's Markets (in Sydney)

It’s near impossible to dress well in a hot climate. These photos were taken up in very very northern Australia on the beach, and if you zoomed right in on my face I’m pretty sure you would be able to see the sheen of sweat (and these photos were taken at SUNSET). I had just bought all these amazing autumn clothes from Japan, and then found I was unable to wear most of them once in Northern Australia! The most that I could do every day was to throw on a singlet top and a long vintage skirt – very basic, but at least looking like I’d made some effort. So basically the point of this story is, if you live in a hot place and are able to still care about what you wear, then I really admire you!

Also, my obsessions at the moment? You may have noticed. Bowties and Petticoats. Awh yeeeeah.

 Love to you all :)


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