Sunday, 11 December 2011

DIYing Peter Pan Collars

I didn't have a thing to do today (and the weather is entirely miserable) so I spent it making 3 quite nice scalloped peter pan collars using some bits of old felt that I found in a box, some random buttons and a hole punch, inspired by the fantastic Honestly WTF DIY blog. I'm a little bit proud of them because they look quite nice and didn't cost me anything to make, and I also wanted to post photos of them because I totally shook it up and changed the DIY just slightly to make a double layered peter pan collar as well. Craaazzzy! Haha... ahh I need to find other things to do in my life. Anyway... enjoy!

 With the first one I just followed the DIY on the blog, and it ended up just like they said it would. Easy enough.
 As I had nothing else to do today, and some spare felt, I made a second one and embellished it with a golden button and some black felt.
 The third one I made was completely purple, but the idea of it is so I can layer it with the other two. It's the same size as the others (because I couldn't be bothered cutting up another template), so I just kind of plonked it under the other one. Who knows if this will actually sit well once worn out. Still, it looks pretty cool!
(Above picture) Layered with the first collar.
(Below) Layered with the second collar.
So really I made FOUR collars. Well now. That's pretty nifty. All in all a productive day :)

Have a nice day all!


  1. I wish I had mad craft skillz like you. I think that all clothes should have collars on them. Except pants and skirts because that would be silly.

  2. Hahaha :) I completely agree. They are probably the best embellishment/accessory ever! Although if all clothes had them, then everyone would wear them, and that would not be so good. I am going to buy some more felt and make about 50 more of these and be the queen of collars! Hahah!

  3. I adore DIY, the collars look fabulous although to be fair, I really can't DIY anything myself haha <3

  4. Hello dear, I love your DIY collar.. look so cute and it's a must to try.. :D

    have a great day!

  5. Thank you ladies :):) and trust me, I do not even know how to sew really. I'm making it all up as I go along:) it 's a super easy DIY though, I recommend you all try it out!

  6. Oh, this is pretty and very easy to make.

    follow each other?



  7. So cute! I'll have to try them.. I need printer, I think >.<


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